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Friday, May 21, 2004

More from Tanenbaum

Andy Tanenbaum adds more information to his previous comments (story) about the Ken Brown book which attempts to discredit Linus Torvalds. The link above is a Slashdot mirror of the article, here is the original source. He even states that Brown made no attempt to contact Torvalds about the book at all. Just when you think they whole thing couldn't get stinkier . . . I can't wait until the book actually is released so Tanenbaum and others can rip it to shreds.


The Science Channel has some cool marathon blocks this weekend. Particularly noteworthy is "The Secret Life of Machines", which is a really cool look at the way common devices work: TV, VCR, refrigerator, fax machine, etc. It's a very fun show. They're not running every episode, but I'm going to tape as many as they do show.

KIntersect Crash Fixed?

Many people are reporting that they are no longer getting the KIntersect crash (story) in Unreal Tournament 2004 in Linux using the 3204 final patch (story). It took a long time to find, but it seems like this one may be squashed for good. I certainly hope so.

Update! The bug has officially been marked resolved-fixed. Huzzah!

In a related story, decals and dynamic lights are working in Linux now too. The render-to-texture stuff isn't working yet, so you still won't see your name on a Hellbender license plate. That's minor.

IBM Asks for Partial Summary Judgement

You can read all about it here, but the gist of the matter is IBM is asking for immediate summary judgement on SCO's copyright infringement points in their lawsuit. IBM does an incredible job of pointing out just how manipulative SCO has been of the whole situation: filing lawsuits, then telling every judge that their case must pend based on another case in an infinite loop. Nice job, IBM.

A.T. Hun comments: In a related story, SCO's stock is hovering around its 52-week low.


Wow, that was fun. I just got my network running again, after having completely gutting our room in a rearrangement. Thankfully I was able to get everything back up and running after about an hour. Wheee.

Thursday, May 20, 2004

CBP2 Volume 1 Released

The Community Bonus Pack team has released the first part of CBP2 for Unreal Tournament 2004. You can get all the details on the release (including screenshots) in this forum post and also on Beyond Unreal. There is one new Assault, Bombing Run, and Double Domination map. There are four CTF maps, 10 Deathmatch maps, and four Onslaught maps. There are also new models and a mutator. And yes, this is just volume one. Volume two will be released next Thursday. Both of the above links have mirrors. This pack alone weighs in at 194M!

Linux UT2K4 3204 Patch Released

Ryan "icculus" Gordon has released the 3204 patch for Unreal Tournament 2004 in Linux. You can get all the details here. Please be gentle since the mirror is the only one right now. I'm sure more mirrors will be added soon. icculus adds that this patch contains new code that may fix the KIntersect bug. I sure hope so.

Update! Beyond Unreal is mirroring the patch.

Pondering the Imponderable

Well, the old Linux UT2K4 didn't get released last night after all. Oh well. The UT2K4 Community Bonus Pack 2 is supposed to be released today. Hopefully it won't need the latest patch or the patch will get out before it.

Poking Holes in the de Tocqueville Report

Andy Tanenbaum takes the opportunity to poke holes in the Alexis de Tocqueville Institution report which claims that Linus Torvalds really didn't write Linux, but stole it from other Unix sources. Tanenbaum was interviewed by Ken Brown for this report. Their chief argument seems to be that Linus couldn't possibly have written Linux all by himself because they cannot figure out how that could be possible, even though he isn't the only person to have done this. The cynic in me might wonder why stupid people insist that everyone else in the world must be stupid. And certainly the mere fact that the de Tocqueville Institution has taken large wads of cash from Microsoft doesn't affect their credibility at all. At any rate, it's a good read.

I've linked to a Slashdot mirror of the article since the original is Slashdotted. Please note that Tanenbaum and Torvalds have not always seen eye-to-eye, to put it kindly. That makes this defense all the more interesting.

By the way, Linus finally came forward and revealed the real authors of Linux.

J.t.Qbe comments: This article is well worth reading for anyone interested in Linux and/or the history of Unix. Tanenbaum is part of that history and has some great insights into the current lame attack by yet another thinly-disguised Microsoft front.

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