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Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Return of the King Released on DVD

In case you've been living in a cave and haven't heard yet, The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King was released on DVD today. This is the theatrical version, not the super-duper extended edition. Doesn't matter to me: I'm getting them both anyway.

I haven't taken vacation time since November so I took the day off today, bought the movie and an anime series I like, bought too many video games and generally lived it up. It was a nice break from the usual routine, and a great way to celebrate finally filing my city tax return (which was, ahem, due by April 30).

A.T. Hun comments: The Lord of the Rings books have been made into movies?!?

J.t.Qbe comments: You should get out of your cave once in a while.

The Master comments: We watched it last night as well. Eeyore actually managed to stay awake all the way through it! :-)

NWN Player Resource Consortium

Via Linux Games I found out about this cool mod effort for Neverwinter Nights called the Player Resource Consortium. They offer a slew of new prestige classes along with their appropriate feats and spells, straight from the official 3rd edition rules. I'm really going to have to take this out for a spin.

Forbes on IBM and Linux

While it's clear that the authors of this article doesn't know the history or culture of the open source movement that well, they do offer an interesting look at IBM's involvement in Linux. I'm not sure if IBM's goal is to crush Microsoft, but it definitely doesn't hurt if they can make money on hardware without paying Microsoft too. Anything that makes MS nervous and/or (somewhat) honest is a good thing for everyone in the long run. Thanks Linux Today.

The authors reveal their ignorance of OSS by referring to the pre-IBM programmers of Linux as "hippie hackers". Anyone who has ever seen or heard of Linux Torvalds would never describe him as a hippie. RMS, yes, but that's a different story. They also make it sound like MySQL came into existence to steal market share from IBM. They also refer to JBoss as being a competing web server without even mentioning Apache. Oh well, still worth the read.

I feel that Linux's first big impact in the desktop arena will be on the ultra-low-end market. When a box can be made for a few hundred bucks, the ~$90 MS tax looks like a very painful hit. It's painful anyway but the percentages look worse this way. Most people use these boxes to surf the Web, read email, and maybe type the occasional letter. It's certainly no harder to do those things in KDE or Gnome than it is to do them in Windows.

DOOM3 Interview

HomeLan Fed caught up with id CEO Todd Hollenshead to talk about their upcoming magnum opus, DOOM 3. They talk a little about the release date (without nailing it down) and what id's plans are once DOOM 3 is out the door. Thanks Blue's News.

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