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Thursday, July 29, 2004

Time to Start Crying

Or at least praying that this year's presidential race isn't as close as the 2000 election. According to the New York Times (registration or BugMeNot required), all of Miami-Dade county's votes in a recent gubernatorial primary were lost due to system crashes. In that same election, 8% of the votes were simply lost. Of course, no matter what happens there will be little recourse. The Florida legislatures passed laws banning recounts on electronic voting except in the case of natural disaster. Oops. Can we just cut Florida off from the Union and sail it to Columbia or someplace? Thanks Ars Technica.

Official DOOM3 Hardware Guide

HardOCP produced the official DOOM3 hardware guide. Naturally, it covers the latest and greatest hardware. More importantly for most normal people who don't have several grand burning a hole in their wallets, they also talk about playing the game with a bare minimum system. The results are quite promising. Here's a snip from that page:

There is no doubt that DOOM 3's minimum system specifications can easily deliver a good gaming experience. We found it simply incredible that a system this old could run DOOM 3 at all, much less run it well. It may be hard to believe, but we can honestly recommend spending $50 on DOOM 3 if you have a system comparable to this. You can still have a very worthy DOOM 3 experience with it.

My box is slightly better in the CPU and memory departments and significantly better in the video card department. I'm quite hopeful. If nothing else, the guide will help you plan your next upgrade. Let's face it, there's no real reason to upgrade a gigahertz+ box except to play DOOM3 or Half-Life 2 unless you are editing video.

UT2K4: Editor's Choice

Atari and Epic have announced Unreal Tournament 2004: Editor's Choice Edition. Basically it will be the original UT2K4, some user-created mods, and the Epic bonus pack. I assume that all the new Epic-created content will be available for download by UT2K4 owners, but the press release does not indicate that. The new vehicles sound particularly cool (to say nothing of my favorite: the Mecha Skaarj!). Thanks Blue's News.

Update! BeyondUnreal got some assurances from Epic's Mark Rein:

All of the new content in the upcoming version of their multiplayer shooter will be released on the net for free for owners of the first version of UT 2004.

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Creative Beats id with Patent

According to a board post over on Beyond3D, Creative has decided to attack id Software for the "Carmack Reverse", the programming method John Carmack used to implement shadows in the soon-to-be-released Doom 3. The best part? The patent seems to be based on tech talked up by an Nvidia employee during a Creative tech show. Nice. I have to add Creative to my Corporate Megalomania (stuff)list.

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