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Monday, August 30, 2004

Pondering the Imponderable

Recently, Windows 98 on my kids' computer decided that it wasn't going to recognize the motherboard's second IDE controller. That's bad news since the CD-RW and ZIP drives are on the channel. The BIOS detects the drives at boot-up just fine. If I boot to Linux, it can find the controller and the drives just fine. Windows 98 just refuses to acknowledge that it's there. After a few reboots it seems to find it, but it's incredibly annoying (especially with the high-pitched whining when they can't play their Spongebob game). Actually, if I boot to Linux, access one of those drives, and reboot to Windows, 98 magically discovers the controller and drives. Go fig. And no, I have no intention of trying to upgrade a Celeron 400 box to WinXP.

Sunday, August 29, 2004

SW: Battlegrounds Linux Port?

Linux Games (via linuX-gamers) got word of this interview with Pandemic Studios, who are working on Star Wars: Battlegrounds for LucasArts. In the interview they indicate that they are pondering a Linux port. That would be quite sweet. Here's the snip:

Will you be able to play SWBF on 'exotic' platforms like the Linux-kernel or Mac OS? Will you release a dedicated-server-software?

We have been delving into the realm of "exotic" platforms, actually. Right now, we are definitely supporting all major and current releases of MS Windows (i.e. '98, Me, 2000, and XP). We have also spent some time tinkering with Linux support, as well. We definitely do not want to do anything half-hearted, though, so if we run out of time, we will look into patches, but I can guarantee that if we do ship with it, it will run equally well on any OS we support. Battlefront will actually have a good amount of server options for everybody to use. Specifically for the PC, every retail version will have the ability to handle Hosting and Dedicated Hosting. For the Dedicated Server crowd, you may want to know that we are planning to have multiple server per CPU support, as well. That means that, depending on your system's power, you may be able to run two or three separate servers without any of them taking major performance hits. Also, for those who like to support their console-playing brethren, we are planning to release a standalone Dedicated Server for PS2 games only that will be a free download.


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