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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

DOOM3: Windows vs. Linux

Anandtech compared the performance of DOOM3 in Windows and Linux. Linux Hardware did something similar and even asked id's Timothee "TTimo" Besset for some clarification on a few points. Let's put it this way: things don't look as good for us penguinistas. Here's to hoping that they can squeeze some more performance out of it. Thanks to Linux Games for the latter link and to me for the former.

The Lockout Officially Begins

Today is the day that the NHL season was supposed to kick off. My Wings were scheduled to play tomorrow in Edmonton. I'm really mad at both sides. The owners claim poverty (yeah, right) from a collective bargaining agreement that they negotiated and renewed once. It was also their bright idea to go for the quick cash grab of starting new franchises in places where no one cares about hockey. Great moves, guys! The players on the other hand are making more money than the popularity of the sport warrants, yet they absolutely refuse to accept a salary cap. Smart business.

My prediction is that this season will not be lost. Once players lose a couple months worth of paychecks, there will be tremendous pressure on the union to negotiate. There are enough owners in places like New York, Philadelphia, Detroit, and Colorado who probably didn't want this mess in the first place to force the issue. There will likely be a shortened season starting in January. If this season is entirely lost, then both sides are far more stupid then I ever would have dreamed.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

NFL Week #5 Final

Sorry about the delay with this, I was gone for a couple of days (yeah, like anyone cares). Anyway, this week's NFL picks found me 8-6 while Eeyore was 6-8. Overall that makes me 45-29 (.608) while Eeyore is 38-36 (.514). The good news (besides the fact that my Lions won) is that my fantasy team manged to win again. I hope to hang on to at least make the playoffs. Right now, I'm 2-3 in a three-way tie for third.

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