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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

NFL Week #6 Final

Eeyore and I had a proverbial whale of a weekend, finishing off at a scintillating 12-2. Year-to-date that makes me 57-31 (.648) while Eeyore is 50-38 (.568). Dare I say sizzle? Fo' shizzle!

I'd like to apologize to everyone in the world for that last sentence.

Everyone in the world comments: We do not accept your apology.

Cegeda 4.1 Released

Transgaming has released Cedega 4.1, the latest version of their WINE gaming fork. The big changes are support for Far Cry and Anarchy Online as well as AGP improvements. Check out the release notes for all the details. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Cedega/WineX, it allows Linux users to play Windows games. I've used it quite successfully with Jedi Academy, Jedi Knight II, and Diablo II, among others.

Florida Voting Problems

Ars Technica has a news blurb on how there are already voting problems in Florida. The touch screens barfed. Servers crashed. People waited in line for over two hours. And this is all with the early voting! Can't you imagine what it will be like in two weeks? Can't we just remove Florida from the Union?

The Master comments: Actually, I believe they tried to remove themselves a couple years back. A big fuss was made about it :-)

Monday, October 18, 2004

Half-Life 2 GOLD

Blue's has the big news that Half-Life 2 is GOLD. That's right, kids, it's now officially time to hemorrhage about two grand into a new gaming rig! Wheee!

A.T. Hun comments: It's about bloody well time! Of course, unless the game works well with Cedega, I won't be playing it since there won't be a native Linux client. Although, if the folks at Valve want to reconsider that . . . :)

NFL Week #6 So Far

Well, the good news is that Eeyore and I are having a terrific weekend, tied at 11-2 on our picks! Every one that I was concerned about went my way. The bad news is that my Lions picked the Packer game as the one to revert to their old ways. As a general rule, they suck whenever I have the chance to see them on T.V. Oh well. Maybe this will bring them back to reality a bit.

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