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Monday, November 8, 2004

Non-Standard Kernel

Well, this is my first adventure with a non-standard kernel. I applied the -ck3 patches to the 2.6.9 Linux kernel. The standard kernel had problems with burning CDs while the standard 2.6.9 kernel has a nasty kswapd bug that starts eating up the CPU when memory gets full. The -ck3 patches have fixes for the kswapd bug. I think Linus needs to rethink things and cut a 2.7 branch so 2.6 can stabilize. Using 2.6 as both a stable and development branch is introducing too much weirdness for my good.

NFL Week #9 So Far

Well, this weekend was every bit as joyful as I thought it would be. I am 7-6 so far while Eeyore is 6-7. With as many mediocre teams as there are in the NFL right now, I would guess that flipping a coin would give you just as good results as actually trying to pick the games.

Sunday, November 7, 2004

Rovers Chug Merrily Along

Amazingly the two Mars rovers, Spirit and Opportunity, keep chugging along even mysteriously picking up power as they go along. It's nice to see when NASA gets one right every so often. The twin missions were pretty bold. They've exceeded everybody's expectations.

The Master comments: The success of the Mars rovers has also been mirrored in the Cassini mission to Saturn. So far, everything in these two missions seems to be going right. Nice change of pace, considering. Now, I just want to see NASA getting back on the road to manned space flight.

Fox 11: Up Yours

I'd like to extend a very special middle finger to the folks at Fox 11 in Green Bay who, in their infinite wisdom, decided to show a Rambo movie right now instead of the Lions game. Yes, I already called them and read them the riot act. Idiots.

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