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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Updated DOOM3 SDK

id's Timothee Besset updated his .plan with word that there is an updated version of the DOOM3 SDK available for download. A Linux version of the SDK is also available.

In a related story, there is a Capture the Flag mod in the works for DOOM3 which will actually incorporate all the Quake III: Team Arena gametypes: CTF, Harvester, Overload, and One-Flag CTF.


I finally had a chance to install and play the Doom 3 demo last night. I did this at 11:30 pm, in a pitch black room. Maybe that's why every time the lights went out in a level it felt incredibly creepy. My only complaint is I swear I'm hearing sound snippets from Half-Life in some of the levels. I might just be imagining it. Also, running out of shotgun ammo while pinned in a corner really sucks. I will need to play this again tonight. Thankfully Santa already knows I want this one under the Christmas tree :-)

Half-Life 2 Available

That's right, kids. Your Half-Life fix is now available for purchase. It should be on the shelves, and it is also available via Steam. Go forth and lose hours of your lives! :-)

A.T. Hun comments: And, ladies and gentlemen, we have our first major bug! Hurrah! Oh, and the authentication servers are borked too. Yay for mandatory online registration!

Monday, November 15, 2004

NFL Week #10 Final

Since tonight's game seems like a foregone conclusion and I'm getting tired, here are the results for this week's picks. I went 8-6 while Eeyore went 10-4. Is it just me or are most games in the NFL just plain unwatchable anymore? Why has the league become so ugly? Why don't I have the NHL to fall back on now?

Instead of pondering imponderables as is my wont, I should add that I never posted the final score for last weekend. Doh! Last week I was an identical 8-6 whilst Eeyore was 7-7. Year-to-date (including both weekends), that makes me 87-57 (.604) while Eeyore is 84-60 (.583). Oh yeah, my fantasy team managed to score 100 points but still lost.

This concludes your weekly football ramblings.

UT2K4 3339 Patch Released

Epic has released the 3339 patch for Unreal Tournament 2004. Beyond Unreal has the complete changelog and a list of mirrors for the Windows version. Make sure you install this patch after you install the Editor's Choice Edition Bonus Pack. I like the fact that the artillery explosion is no longer a lame looking sprite and that the reference to "green" bases in Onslaught have been removed. I'm using the beta 3339 Linux patch (which I believe is the same as final, although the "official" final patch isn't out). I'm pleased to report that decals work properly again. Huzzah!

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