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Saturday, December 4, 2004

NFL Week #13

Boy, we're at lucky week #13 already?!? There's only more four weeks left in the regular season. Yikes! At any rate, here are my picks for this weekend's tilts: Vikings, Patriots, Lions, Colts, Rams, Bills, Panthers, Jets, Falcons, Ravens, Chargers, Chiefs, Eagles, Giants, Steelers, Seahawks.

The Master comments: Eeyore's picks: Vikings, Patriots, Lions, Colts, Rams, Bills, Saints, Jets, Falcons, Ravens, Chargers, Chiefs, Packers, Giants, Steelers, Seahawks.

Thursday, December 2, 2004

IP Change

We got word from our beloved host, EZ-Net, that there will soon be some IP address changes for us. If The Haus suddenly disappears for a little while, stay tuned. As soon as your provider's DNS updates, everything should be back to normal (whatever that means around this place).

Free Credit Report

Nope, this isn't some lame spam subject. This is something directly out of the "It's about friggin' time" department. Following new federal regulations, U.S. citizens will be able to get one free credit report per year. I never understood why I had to pay someone to review data that was collected about me, without my consent, just to make sure that none of it is wrong. Western states can get one now, the Midwest on March 1, the South on June 1, and the East on September 1. Thanks Slashdot.

I Officially Miss the NHL

I wondered when this would happen. I've survived just fine despite the NHL lockout so far. However, last night I came home from a meeting and immediately thought, "Hey! There should be an NHL game on ESPN tonight!" Then I remembered the lockout. Sadly, they only have a few weeks to put together a (highly unlikely) agreement before the entire season will be lost. The worst part about that is that I would probably never see my hero, Stevie Yzerman, lace them up again. I'd hate for my last memory of him to be him writhing on the ice after being clocked in the eye with a puck.

Update! Maybe there is a glimmer of hope afterall.

Ars Reviews Half-Life 2

I normally don't link to many reviews unless I really enjoy them and/or they are particularly well-written. Ars Technica's review of Half-Life 2 succeeds in both catagories. Thankfully, they cover a lot of ground without giving away massive spoilers. Basically anything the "give away" could have been figured out by playing the original Half-Life. Good stuff.

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