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Sunday, December 19, 2004

Pondering the Imponderable

Just when I thought Half-Life 2 was getting boring, it starts to get exciting. The point where it really became fun for me is when you are done driving the buggy. Ordering Ant Lions around is a blast. My main gripe with the game still stands. The whole time I'm asking myself, "Why am I here? Why am I fighting for these people? Is there a point to me making it through this level other than to get from point A to point B?" I realize that they are trying to get you to figure things out as you go along, but it's getting annoying. Unfortunately from what I've heard, the game never does explain much.

Patrick Volkerding Back in Action

Patrick Volkerding, the father of Slackware, posted in the Slackware -current changelog that he is doing much better. He had been battling some mystery illness that landed him at the Mayo Clinic, among other places. I'm glad to see he's back in action. I've been using Slackware for some time now and have no interest in switching to something else. Stay healthy, Pat! Thanks Slashdot.

Cost of Spam? A Cool Billion

Our own J sent along word that a group of spamming companies have been ordered to pay one billion dollars for sending junk email. I know the plaintiff will never see all the money, but maybe the suit will put the companies out of business. Sadly, this is the only way to do it. You have to make spam unprofitable. Unfortunately the law frowns on the old "lead pipe to the kneecaps" trick which might also prove effective.

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Rest of NFL Week #15

Here are the rest of my picks for this weekend's games: Texans, Bills, Chargers, Vikings, Jets, Eagles, Broncos, Bucs, Rams, Packers, Raiders, Colts, Patriots.

The Master comments: Eeyore's picks: Texans, Bengals, Chargers, Vikings, Jets, Eagles, Broncos, Bucs, Rams, Packers, Raiders, Colts, Patriots.

More DOOM3 Expansion Tidbits

PlanetDOOM got some more details on the upcoming expansion for DOOM3, Resurrection of Evil. Note: some of the information here could be considered spoilers, so proceed with caution.

NFL Week #15 Early

That's right, Saturday games on this the antepenultimate weekend in the NFL. So here are my picks for later today: Steelers, Redskins, Panthers.

The Master comments: Eeyore's picks: Steelers, Redskins, Falcons.

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