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Thursday, February 3, 2005

NHL/NHLPA Still Meeting

I just heard on ESPN Radio that the NHL and NHLPA are still meeting (they've been meeting since ~1:30 P.M. Eastern Time), hopefully to try to come up with a new collective bargaining agreement. I really hope they can get something done and have something resembling a season. I'm listening to Toronto's FAN 590 radio station online, waiting for some announcement. To quote a well-known redneck comedian, "GIT 'R DONE!"

Logitech Marble Mouse and Linux

Some time ago I linked to this site containing instructions on how to get your Logitech Marble Mouse working in Linux. It would normally work as a standard two button mouse, but this way you can get the scroll buttons working too. I got it to work with the 2.4.x kernels, but never with 2.6.x. He has updated his instructions and I can verify that they work with Slackware 10 and the 2.6.9 kernel!

Pondering the Imponderable

Well, the great Mozilla experiment has come to an end. While I did appreciate the how the mail and browser parts were more tightly integrated, I ended up missing other key features of Firefox. Plus, Mozilla 1.8b6 ended up being less stable and more buggy than 1.8a5 for me. So, I'm back to Firefox and Thunderbird again. Hopefully in the future they can teach the two to play more nicely together in Linux.

Wednesday, February 2, 2005

Slackware Handbook

The folks at Mad Penguin have started a community project called The Slackware Handbook to keep documentation for Slack as up-to-date as possible. Things are a little sparse right now, but things should really pick up now that it's been posted on Slashdot. Articles are added on a voting system instead of a more open Wiki system. Hopefully that will mean that the quality of the content will be top-notch.

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