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Tuesday, March 1, 2005 2.0 Beta

There is a beta version of 2.0 available for download. I'm considering giving it a whirl if only because they have a WordPerfect import filter finally! I'll report back and tell you what I think. In the meantime, you can check out the list of changes and improvements. Thanks Slashdot.

J.t.Qbe comments: Cool--a WordPerfect import filter would be great to have. I'm tired of having to use Word to convert my old files.

Ludicrous Speed!

I'm now officially beta-testing cable Internet access here for the good folks at EZ Net. So far, so good. I've been able to achieve some truly ludicrous speeds uploading to and downloading from The Haus. So far, the websites I've visited haven't been able to spit out information at the speed I'm requesting it. At the very least, if I'm downloading something, the other computer won't be rendered useless on the Internet. If this works out as well as it seems it's going to, it will be hello cable, good bye DSL!

Interview with Bill Amend

Allakhazam did an interview with Bill Amend, the artist behind the comic strip FoxTrot. The character Jason in that strip is incessantly geeky. Most recently, for example, he has been playing World of Warquest on his iFruit. I still have the "all your base" strip cut out from several years ago. Good stuff. The interview covers where Amend gets all the ideas for Jason and his other cast of characters. Thanks Evil Avatar.

Monday, February 28, 2005


As I'm sure the 3 of you who read us noticed, we no longer have Webdog .plan updates on the site. Richard Smith has shut the service down, since .plans are so 1990's. I'm working to get an archive put together but for now we're just stripping the links. When I've got everything worked out I'll write a fix to patch up the webdog links in our news posts.

On a fun note, I got myself an iPod last week. Much reorganizing of my music collection ensued, and then I realized that I don't have a complete Metallica CD collection anymore. Thus, I've also plonked money down to re-purchase Ride the Lightning (killed in a freak CD jukebox accident years ago) and to get the new albums. My only complaint so far is with iTunes. iTunes was designed to the simplest dumbed down specification imaginable. That's great for those who use iTunes for CD->iPod ripping only, but I'm a bit advanced in this respect. I also prefer to use a different tool to rip my CD collection, so I'm merging my own updates to the music collection. The stupid thing won't recognize any changes without re-adding the music folder to it constantly. Nice.

The Master comments: Update AND Eeyore got me a $15 gift card for the iTunes Store, so I am madly spending that too. Whee!

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