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Friday, April 15, 2005

palmOne Tungsten E2 Announced

palmOne announced the availability of the Tungsten E2 PDA, the follow-up to their wildly successful Tungsten E. This one improves on the original with a brighter screen, faster CPU, more powerful battery, and Bluetooth, among other things. Another nice feature is that it now uses flash RAM instead of volatile memory. If your charge runs out, you won't lose your data. Check out Mobile Tech Review's review for more information. Am I interested? Oh yes. If they tacked on WiFi for a similar price it would be a no-brainer.

"Let Me Tell You How It Will Be"

It's April 15th. That means that we Americans have approximately 15 hours as of this writing to either get your taxes done or to file for an extension. Thankfully, I got mine done in early February. I overestimated the amount of money I needed to send in quarterly so I overpaid by $1200. I hate that because I don't like the government being able to fondle my money interest-free for a year. It was, however, rather serendipitous because I found out the week before that my car would need about $1200 worth of work done to replace the head gaskets and some other more minor things. I just have the IRS apply the overage to 2005's taxes, so I don't even have to send in a quarterly payment today.

For those of you who don't get the headline, check here. I also like the Stevie Ray Vaughn version.

Music Industry Gets Some of the Own Medicine

How delicious is this: Music moguls trumped by Steve Jobs indicates that the music biz is upset that Apple and iTunes owns 70% of their market in digital land, and wants to control-freak it. I just love it. These people have been screwing the consumer for 30 years and now they're upset that someone else controls their pricing. That's just gotta suck for them. They might not be able to own a new Ferrari for every minute of the day now. Wah.

The only flipside on this one that I see is that Jobs won't allow anyone else into his music player or digital music format either. He could fix that by allowing others to use his Fairplay system to encode, and by porting iTunes to Linux. Both of these have a nil chance of happening, but here's to hoping.

A.T. Hun comments: An oppressive monopoly being one-upped by another oppressive monopoly--isn't irony just delicious? Once again, my favorite word comes to mind: schadenfreude.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Pondering the Imponderable

I just did a bit of spring cleaning. I took my box outside and blasted it with some compressed air. It actually didn't look too bad, except the video card heatsink. My wife and I thoroughly vacuumed under my desk too. Be kind to your computer! Free it from the tyranny of dust bunnies!

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