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Saturday, May 14, 2005

Quake IV Movie

A small teaser movie, showing about 14 seconds of in-game footage of Quake IV, has been released. You can download it from Gamershell. Pretty slick stuff, I must say. Thanks Evil Avatar.

Sys-Con Implosion Continues

Word is out that the implosion at Sys-Con is continuing. Publisher Fuat Kircaali did an interview that proves he has no background in journalistic morality, and the senior editorial staff at LinuxWorld resigned as a result. Now there's word that Kircaali posted a post-resignation apology on the front page of Linux Business News that seems to completely contradict his interview.

O'Gara did a fine job kicking over that can of worms.

A.T. Hun comments: I don't think that the apology contradicts anything. It's the same crap as in the article. He refers to "ethical questions" when the ethics of the O'Gara piece went beyond questionable. It's an attempt at face-saving, and precious little else. To me, this is the main problem with modern big media. Reporters want to become the next Woodward and Bernstein, so they go digging into people's lives left and right, not really caring about whose reputation is tarnished along the way. The line between the mainstream press and the tabloids is often razor-thin.

Friday, May 13, 2005


Okay, I've put up with stupid "punch the ..." animated ads. I've tolerated pop-(under|over)+ ads. I've even dealt with the flash ads with no close button from the bowels of hell. But now, they have FULL SCREEN OVERLAY flash ads. And the close buttons are so cleverly hidden that the designer can't find them. I want to kill somebody. Hey, you. Advertiser. Quit irritating me. You'd not going to sell ANYTHING at that rate. Morons.

A.T. Hun comments: One word: Flashblock.


Finally got to go see the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy tonight. I found the whole experience very pleasant and I really enjoyed the movie. There was some good stuff from the books that was missing from the movie. I desperately hope they continue with the rest of the series. I give a thumbs up.

A.T. Hun comments: Thumbs up? Watch out for Vogons. At any rate, I borrowed the book from the library since it has been many years since I read it.

Gamespot Q4 Interview

Gamespot posted a new Quake 4 interview with Raven project lead Eric Biessman, Raven lead designer Jim Hughes, and id Software lead designer Tim Willits. There's a bunch of good stuff here, especially some info on how your squad affects the game in Q4.

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