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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Nvidia Driver Update

Nvidia has released version 77.72 ForceWare drivers. Here's the major change list:

A.T. Hun comments: Back in my bad, old Windows days, I always found that WHQL drivers offered the worst performance and stability. I wondered if it was sort of like Letterman's joke: "We spell 'quality' with a capital K."

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Sin II on the Way?

It looks like a Sin sequal is in the works over at Ritual. They're put up a teaser website and they're leaving plenty of hints that the game is coming. I hope this one is less buggy than Sin 1 was. It was an excellent game let down by endless stability problems.


I decided to take a couple of days off over my birthday weekend, and go figure it's steaming hot and humid. I hate humidity.

On another note, I finally picked up Doom 3 ROE again after a longish hiatus, and while there is a lot to complain about in missing story (it's hard to avoid that after playing Deus Ex) I am really enjoying the game overall. The gravity gun is not so powerful as the one in Half Life 2, so you really need to practice with it. It also makes some situations where your normal guns really suck very easy to overcome, especailly the cherubs. Thanks for the tip on those A.T. I was trying to kill them with the shotty. Slinging them against the wall with the grav gun is MUCH easier :-)

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