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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Doomed: How Id Lost its Crown

Next Generation posted a new article "Doomed: How Id Lost its Crown" discussing their feeling that id has lost it's magic touch with the Doom 3 game release. Very interesting perspective from NG.

A.T. Hun comments: Sounds more like whining to me. Plus referring to "Unreal Tournament 3" makes him lose credibility (note: Midway is publishing the next UT, whatever it will be called). His comment about headshots was ridiculous as well. There are plenty of things in DOOM3 to complain about, but this article just seemed silly.

The Master comments: I still think he makes some interesting points. Although I think his comment about the Doom engine not being used in other software is BS (there are at least 2 new games I can think of using the D3 engine--I know there's more than that) but he does make a good point in that id has gotten very repetitive in their game design, and the design of Doom does use some subpar gameplay tricks to make up for the heavy drawing load. In the end, I still think there's something there in what he's saying, even if the article is poor.

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