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Monday, August 22, 2005

Pondering the Imponderable

My computer got an unnecessary complete disassembly today. The fan on my northbridge died. I was going to remove the whole thing and install a replacement. Unfortunately, EZ-Net didn't have a suitable fan. Thankfully the fan itself unscrews easily from the heatsink, leaving that intact. I've been reading a number of stories about this particular brand of fan (a T&T MW-410M12S) dying on all kinds of different motherboards. The general consensus seems to be that the fan isn't really necessary. I'm going to try it heatsink-only and see what happens. I haven't noticed any ill effects yet even though the fan died some time ago (I was getting a nasty dying fan noise on boot up that eventually just stopped). It can't be any worse to not have a fan as opposed to pumping electricity into a non-functional fan.

In an only semi-related story, EZ-Net officially unveiled their sweet new DSL and cable packages. I was one of the first to get the DSL in town and now cable. Both worked flawlessly, but if you live in Oconto Falls you'll definitely want to get the cable. You don't even have to be a cable T.V. customer! I was one of their beta-testers for the system. It seems to be working even better with EZ's phat new pipe. Note: I'm not paid for this endorsement. I've just been a happy customer for the past eight years. They also host The Haus box, which makes them even more cool (if that were possible).


I spent a little time yesterday reading through some of the Q3A source. It's quite neat in comparison to the old Wolf3D and Doom code. I was also surprised at how little assembly code existed in the base. Quake used a LOT of hand-tuned Pentium assembly code, and Quake 2 had it's share of ASM too, so this distinct lack of assembly was very interesting.

I really need to brush up on my C/C++ skills though. I am SO far away from competence in those languages nowadays. That's the price of using a 4GL database language as your primary programming environment.

A.T. Hun comments: I know just enough C/C++ to look at the code and say, "Yep, that's a bunch of code there alright!"

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