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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Blue Shift on Steam

Valve has released Blue Shift on Steam. This is available to owners of the Half-Life Premier Pack, or the Half-Life 2 Silver/Gold packages. I am looking forward to being Barney again. I really enjoyed this SP add-on to the original HL; I thought it was much better than Opposing Force.

Google Talk

I tried out the new Google Talk client last night. While I was impressed by the 1/4 memory usage compared to ICQ, this thing has nearly NO features, and adding buddies to it sucks. The only way to add is to send them gmails, which is a pain if they're already signed up. The client can also only be used for text chat at this point. I assume file and image transfer will be available in the next revision. I also hope they eventually allow custom sounds, because the *ding* they're using now is going to drive me crazy.

I'm not going to be giving up ICQ, though. I like my early-adopter UIN :-)

J.t.Qbe comments: Google Talk also has voice chat, doesn't it? I'd use it, but it won't run on Windows 98. I've heard rumors about Google buying Skype someday. Skype doesn't officially support Windows 98, but it does work and works well. I'd hate to lose Skype's Windows 98 functionality if Google should buy it.

For what it's worth, I never use instant messaging. My coworkers are always nagging me to log into the Jabber server, but I rarely get around to it. If they want to bother me, they can call me on the phone.

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