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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Adrian Carmack Fired from id, Sues

Shacknews and Blue's News have a link to a subscription-only story on the Wall Street Journal site where Adrian Carmack is suing the other owners of id Software for firing him. He condends that they fired him to get his share of the company more cheaply than if they had taken a reported Activision buyout. Very odd. It sounds like we're not even hearing a fraction of the story right now. Stay tuned.

The Master comments: Personally, I think this is just a continuation of id's downward spiral. Romero is canned because of creative differences. Then Steed gets canned for (rumored) creative differences. Now this. I can't even imagine what working there must be like now. It's got to be a pressure cooker of pure sodium. One drop of water and boom!

A.T. Hun comments: If memory serves, wasn't Adrian one of the main forces behind running Steed out?

The Master comments: Yes--which is why I'm wondering if this whole debacle is just more fallout from previous firings.

NFL Week #3 Final

After Monday night's debacle, I ended up 9-5 whilst Eeyore was 10-4. That game also meant that my fantasy team lost. Rah. Year-to-date I am 27-19 (.587) and she is 26-20 (.565). I'm three games behind last year's pace and Eeyore is three games ahead.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

NFL Week #3 So Far

With only Monday night's game left (which will determine this week's winner), Eeyore and I are tied at 9-4. I'm nothing short of amazed that we did that well. This much we do know: there's a lot of bad football teams out there and unfortunately four of them are in the NFC North. The Packers are finding Lions-esque ways to lose (Longwell honking an XP?!?). Somebody's going to win this division at 7-9. Oakland is the best 0-3 team out there. Arizona's glass slipper has shattered. Indianapolis is winning with . . . defense? Unfortunately, my fantasy team would fit in well with the NFC North right now.

Blog: XvMC and xine

In my blog (bet you didn't know I had one of those!), I'm posting my adventures getting XvMC, xine, and NVIDIA's Linux drivers to play nice together. Basically XvMC allows xine to use my graphics card's acceleration features to play back video. The above link shows how I got it to compile. I'll post later with the results of some tests. My main goal is to see if I can get the card to take some of the deinterlacing chores.

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