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Monday, October 10, 2005

Palm Tungsten TX Price Confirmed

Someone managed to snap a picture of a Best Buy price tag, indicating that Palm's yet-unannounced Tungsten TX PDA will sell for $299, not $450. This will likely be my upgrade path from my Tungsten E. The advantage is that it has drive mode, a 320x480 screen, and WiFi. We shall see . . .

Reason #457 to Have a UPS

I discovered yet another reason to have an uninterruptible power supply yesterday. I went to unplug my guitar amp but I accidentally grabbed the wrong plug and unplugged my computer. My UPS chirped at me as if to say, "Nice move, moron." Thankfully the batteries kicked in and everything worked great. Classic case of PEBCAK.

Sunday, October 9, 2005

Mini-Review of Star Wars Episode III (PS2)

After many months of trying, I finally managed to rent Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith for the PS2. The good? Well, the rental was free since I didn't get it until a day after I was promised it. The bad? Just about everything else. They managed to take a very exciting and visceral movie and turn it into a boring, tedious, and frustrating game. I could go through all of the problems I had with it, but most of them are well summed up in IGN's review. I could add this, though. Besides all of those problems, many of the textures (especially on the characters) were blurry. They must've designed it on the Xbox or PC and then just dumbed it down for the PS2. If you need to get your Ep III fix, wait until the beginning of the month when the DVD of the movie comes out. Give this one a pass. I'd probably rate it higher than IGN's 4.5, but certainly no higher than 6.

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