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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

NFL Week #6 Final

As I predicted, Eeyore and I finished tied at 10-4. Year-to-date we remain tied at 53-35 (.602). At least we're back over .600. My fantasy team won too, which is a bonus. I lead our league in points against.


You know what would be nice? If I could actual use test cases that worked when writing new code. What an awful morning I am having.

It's probably a good thing I can't start throwing things at work.

Update! That's right. I just made the same stupid coding mistake. Not once, or twice. FOUR times. *Cuss* *Swear* GRAWRARWRWR!!!

A.T. Hun comments: We don't call him Teh Mastar for nothing!

Sunday, October 16, 2005

NFL Week #6 So Far

With two games left, Eeyore and I are tied at 8-4. Leave it to the Lions to not only lose the game but to blow my chance to move a game up on her. Barring a catastrophe, we should both be 10-4 by time the weekend is over. Not at all shabby.

Pondering the Imponderable

Wow, the Lions managed to lose once again in an incredibly stupid way. I need to find something to beat the snot out of. Gripes

OK, I've been using for almost two years now full time. I must say that I really like it for the most part. It does what I need to do well and imports Office and WordPerfect documents very nicely. I'm sure I will use it for a long time.

However, there are two main gripes I have against it. The mail merge feature in 2.0RC is far too difficult to figure out. I even followed a detailed tutorial and couldn't get it to work. Why is this so hard? My other gripe is that there is no way to create a basic calendar. I need to create one every month with the meetings, etc., for my church. Why do I have to keep using a WordPerfect 6.1 for DOS macro? Is there no open-source program that can create a calendar? Why is this so hard?

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