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Monday, November 21, 2005

MS to Open Its Office Formats?

According to the Financial Times Microsoft will be opening up the file formats for Office. Naturally, I'm skeptical. The Devil is in the details. How open is open? Nevertheless, I must cautiously take this as good news. If MS does truly allow anyone to use its file formats and the file structure is out in the open, this will be a Good Thing. It's definitely a story to keep an eye on. Thanks Slashdot.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Xbox 360 This Week

Well, MS is unleashing the Xbox 360 on a suspecting world this week. I'm sure the gaming media will be all awash in it. I, like most Americans, won't be getting one. It's nothing against the console per se, but a) I'll let other people pay full price and deal with the inevitable hardware bugs, and b) I don't have a Hi Def T.V. to really make it worthwhile. I'll wait and see what the PS3 looks like and then wait a while longer to finally decide. My PS2 is serving our needs just fine for now.

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