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Saturday, December 3, 2005

NFL Week #13

Tired. So tired. Here are my ph34rless predictions for week #12 in the National . . . Football . . . League (mind you, I'm wearing my Lions jersey right now--that's how faithful a fan I am). Bears, Jaguars, Vikings (just because I'm faithful, doesn't mean I'm picking them), Colts, Dolphins, Bucs, Giants, Bengals, Falcons, Ravens, Redskins, Cardinals, Broncos, Patriots, Chargers, Seahawks.

Update! Looks like we'll split since Eeyore took the Panthers and Steelers.

Another One Bites the Dust

Well, it appears that I've had another LG drive croak on me. This time it's my LG GSA-4163B DVD burner. Not long after I got it, it would suddenly stop mounting discs. I found that if I turned my box off for the night, it would magically work again. No such luck this time. I just got the stupid thing in August! I'm going to try to RMA it, but I'm reasonably confident that this is the last LG drive I'm ever going to spend money on.

The Master comments: I had my LG CD-RW drive die on me two years ago. It just suddenly stopped writing anything but CD-RW coasters, and it couldn't read anything that was burned by any drive other than itself. I pulled it and replaced it with a Sony DVD-R/CDRW, which has been solid. I'd love a DVD writer, but I'm just too cheap to buy one when it would only be used for the occasional system backup.

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