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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

TextComplete 3.0 Released

Mobile Systems has released TextComplete 3.0 for PalmOS. TextComplete is a, well, text completion program that guesses the words you are writing in Graffiti to save some pen strokes. 2.7 was a great big pig and ate CPU cycles for breakfast, almost making it unusable on my Palm TX. 3.0 is far better, causing little or no noticeable slowdowns. I can even run it universally instead of app-by-app without worrying about hitches in even the most CPU-intensive apps. Check it out.


I've been noticing over the past couple of days that there seems to be some kind of funky bug in iTunes that causes it to shortchange some tracks uploaded to the iPod. This is very annoying when you're into a track and all of a sudden it just cuts off. Grr.

Carmack Interview

There's a very short interview with John Carmack over at Guardian Unlimited. In it he responds to questions about his Doom port to cell phones, and some slight discussion of his history in the gaming biz. Interesting interview, even if it's short.

NFL Week #16 Final

I managed to pick up a couple of games (one courtesy of my Lions--who knew?) this week so the final result won't seem so disastrous. I was 12-4 and Eeyore was 10-6. Year-to-date that makes me 161-79 (.671) while she is 164-76 (.683). It seems sad that there's only one week left in the regular season. Of course, as a Lions fan, maybe the year can't end quickly enough.

The Master comments: How about us Packer fans? Detroit looks GREAT in comparison right now. Gah.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005


I don't know if it's just me, but personally, I think the dating ads on Userfriendly have gotten completely out of hand. Illiad might need to make payroll, but it would be nice if people who read his comic didn't need to worry about allegations of misconduct because of his ads.

A.T. Hun comments: I love how those ads always show (certain parts of) hot babes. I get the point they're trying to make: "If you sign up, you could end up with her!" But if somebody THAT hot is using a dating service, it can only mean one thing: psycho chick from Hades.

The Master comments: I'm fairly sure that's an understatement. I bet even Satan is going "No thanks, I'll pass. Can't deal with that level of insanity." :-)

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