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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Patch Tuesday

Yesterday was Patch Tuesday at Microsoft. If you're using Windows, you might want to review this and get patched now. My favorite is the DHCP one -- just boot your PC and be 0wnz0rd.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Flash Frustrations

AARRGH! I ran into another site today (for DiMarzio guitar pickups) that requires Flash 8 to view. You might say, "No problem, Adobe just released Flash player 9!" Well, that's great if you are running Win32 or OSX. There's even a beta for OSX on Intel. We Linux users are stuck with a Flash 7.0. It is a performance hog and the audio/video sync is horrific. Back at Christmas time it was announced that instead of a Flash 8 player for Linux, they would go skipping merrily to Flash 8.5. Fair enough. Except now we find out that Flash 8.5 was rebranded Flash 9. A beta will hopefully be released sometime. The official release is "early 2007." Gah! I eagerly look forward to the beta because it couldn't suck any more than the current Flash 7 player does.

Thankfully, there's a Flash on Linux blog called Penguin.SWF to keep folks updated. I'm adding that one to my bookmarks.

The Master comments: Even though I mainly run Windows, I personally just exit Flash-required websites at the speed of light. I've got better things to do than wait for that crap to load, even on broadband. It takes a lot to make me tolerate Flash.

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