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Thursday, July 20, 2006


Just read today's User Friendly. This is (a) the hardest I've laughed at UF in a while, and (b) incredibly true for myself. I run at 800 x 600, and see this kind of *stuff* all the time. I wish I could force people who design websites like that to trade me eyes for a week.

A.T. Hun comments: As someone who has designed several websites, this is always a big problem to try to deal with. Do you cater to the low-end resolutions knowing that the site will probably look like garbage on a big monitor? Or do you design big and throw out any user who isn't at 1024x768. Another problem comes in when you want to design the site in such a way that it will display semi-decently on PDAs, phones, or other WAP devices without having to have a whole separate design. I've done it two ways recently. With sites like The Haus, I made it so it will fit whatever resolution people are running, with the understanding that it's going to look like crap at a very high resolution (say, 1600x1200). Another way it to fix the width at just shy of 800 pixels and use a big font. The problem there is that you shut out people at lower resolutions and it certainly won't work well in a WAP situation.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

SysInternals Bought by Microsoft

The anouncement that Sysinternals has been bought by Microsoft. While this is great for the Win/Systernals crew, it's going to suck for those of us who use their tools on a near-daily basis to handle problems with Windows. I'm sure within 6 months none of these tools will be available except through Microsoft's Software Assurance scam.

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