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Monday, July 24, 2006

ALP at LinuxWorld

PalmSource will be showing off the Access Linux Platform (ALP) at LinuxWorld next month. ALP is PalmSource's next-generation PDA OS based on Linux. My hope is that ALP will bring better memory access, stability, and multitasking (or at least task-switching) to the familiar face of the Palm PDA apps. Thanks Palm Infocenter.


I shouldn't be shocked by this, there's been rumors flying for weeks, but it's been finally announced: AMD buys ATI. I'm split on this one myself. Companies that buy video manufacturers always seem to tank (remember Rendition?), but on the other hand this gives AMD a solid video solution to embed in their chipsets. I would expect ATI's drivers to improve measurably as well.

A.T. Hun comments: I'm torn on this one too. I wonder if NVIDIA will keep producing chipsets for AMD processors. I'm not a business expert by any stretch of the imagination, but I would think that AMD should stay as small and flexible as possible to keep up the battle with Intel. Conversely maybe this will give them an extra income stream so that they won't have to keep winning against Intel to survive. This much is sure: time will tell.


I got my extended home network wired on Sunday (man, cutting that drywall was tough), and I fired up my old server box for the first time in quite a while. Installing Fedora Core 5 on there was a failure with CDs--the Fedora CDs are so full that the old CDROM on this box couldn't read them past the hour mark. I ended up building a mirror FTP server on my XP box, and doing a remote install using VNC and FTP to my XP machine. This worked REALLY well. I just have to get X and the firewall configured properly on here.

The more I look at Linux, the more excited I get about it. I need to upgrade my PCs power supply and add a SATA HD, then I'm going to setup my machine to dual-boot Linux and XP, with Umbuntu being my main partition. I'm really looking forward to the switch. Linux feels like it's finally hit the tipping point, where the software is mature enough to make a Windows switch possible.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Fun with Dosemu

Since my kids' Win98 box is getting wonky, I'm working on ridding myself of anything having to do with Windows. Towards that end, I had to get Dosemu running. Yes, I still have a couple of DOS programs I still use. One worked fine using a Slackware 10.1 package, the other didn't. After lots of trial and error, I determined that the version of FreeDOS that comes with Dosemu doesn't like that program for one reason or the other. After I copied over, msdos.sys, and io.sys from the Win98 installation and used that instead, the program runs fine. I'm hoping that when FreeDOS 1.0 actually comes out that it will work with this program since FreeDOS has a lot of cool, BASH-like features.

Next Gen Star Wars Video

Lucasarts has released a movie showing force powers in an as-yet unnamed game for next-gen consoles. It looks pretty sweet. I wonder how much of the environment will be destroyable/flingable. Thanks Evil Avatar.

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