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Monday, February 5, 2007


So I'm rebuilding Eeyore's XP machine today, and I back up her licenses for her Windows Media Player 10 library so I can rebuild her machine on a new hard drive. This is per the recommendations, since you can't use this music otherwise.

I go ahead and waste the machine, reinstall, and install WMP 11, since that's what's available in Windows Update. Guess what? They removed the license management features in version 11, so I'm screwed. This happened once before, so I did what I was told.

This is why you use iTunes. If you've got to suffer DRM, then at least get the tools that don't torture you whenever you need to do a system rebuild. Apple's stuff is great. Install on a new HD, copy your media folders and the config folder from iTunes. Run iTunes. Play a DRMed file, and *voila*, it plays after a quick login to the iTunes store to confirm your access. How hard is that?

Frippin' Microsoft. Thay have no right to their 90%+ market share. I hope Gates spends eternity upgrading Satan's music collection.

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