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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Google Gobbles Feedburner for $100 Million

$100 Million Dollar Payday for Feedburner. Congratulations to them. A company that's been around for less then 4 years and manages to pull down those kinds of bucks from Google. They must be doing something right.

Ubuntu Post-Install Fixes (great site, need to start visiting more) has an article up on 7 Post-Install Tips For Ubuntu 7.04. This is great stuff. He explains the things that didn't work for him, and how he fixed them.

Linux Driver Project Update

Back in January, Greg Kroah-Hartman offered to help proprietary hardware companies write drivers for Linux. Good news: the project is working. While the original announcement was "marketing hype", it actually got a bunch of companies onboard for Linux drivers. Sweet.

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