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Monday, August 6, 2007

id Games on Steam

I glossed over it earlier, but this weekend the entire id back catalog through Commander Keen showed up on Steam. Good times. I wish some of the older stuff was a tad less pricey, but at least it's available in downloadable form. The pricing is currently at $62.95 for everything through Doom 3. It will settle at $69.95 after a short intro period.

ShackNews QuakeCon Coverage

ShackNews has a whole section dedicated to their coverage of QuakeCon 2007. Included is a set of screenies for Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, and their new game in the works, called "Rage".

QuakeCon 2007 Carmack Keynote

If you're willing to blast your headphones and shoo everyone away, you can check out 3D Downloads mp3 of John Carmack's QuakeCon keynote speech. This sucker runs for over an hour, and it's fairly hard to hear John. You need to have the hand on the volume control, because when the crowd gets fired up, you get blasted by noise.

id, Steam and the GPL?

Blue has a post up discussing Valve and id Afoul of the GPL? It appears they're using the DOSBox x86 emulator to run their old DOS games on Windows. The original Slashdot post has a whole slew of ire going on.

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