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Saturday, January 5, 2008

HD Format War Over?

With Warner Brothers' decision to go Blu-Ray only now six of the eight movies studios are in the Blu-Ray camp, leaving only Paramount and Universal in the HD-DVD camp. Some are predicting that Warner's announcement is the death knell for HD-DVD. Basically it depends on how much money MS and Toshiba are willing to shell out to support it. It would be good for consumers to end it. It would also be good for me, because I've got a PS3. That would mean I could start getting any new movies, etc., we want on Blu-Ray instead of DVD without worrying about them being obsolete in a year. It would also mean that I wouldn't need to get a high-def disc player until whatever would supercede Blu-Ray comes out.

If this is the end of the war, then Sony's move to put the Blu-Ray drive in the PS3 would turn out to be brilliant. The future benefits would outweigh the initial problems. It also might mean a shorter shelf-life for the Xbox 360 and/or games being released on multiple DVDs.

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