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Wednesday, January 16, 2008


I spent the better part of two hours last night troubleshooting Eeyore's wireless connection. Her wmp11 network card driver (wmp11v27.sys) would keep crashing XP with a D1 blue screen, and I could NOT figure out the cause. I post this missive in hopes that it may help the next poor bugger who deals with this error.

If you use a WMP11 wireless card with a BEFW11S4 router, and get this IRQ_LESS_OR_EQUAL crash (D1 blue screen), try resetting the router before rebooting the PC. This fixed our issue, and it may fix yours too.

Finished UT3 Campaign

I finished the Unreal Tournament 3 single player "campaign" last night. I wasn't happy with who turned out to be one of the "bad guys" at the end. Oh well. It served its purpose of getting me acquainted with the maps. I like the additions to some of the Warfare maps, like capturing a node to flood the opponent's core or using a shaped charge to trigger an avalanche. And, of course, I can play Torlan against bots pretty much 24 hours a day. Is Jailbreak 3 done yet? :)

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