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Saturday, September 25, 1999


Avault put up this little overview of the bot AI in Unreal Tournament. It will at least give you some idea of what the different levels of intelligence mean when you spawn up a couple of cyber play-mates (not the Heffner kind). Thanks sCary.

UT Multiplayer

Well, I tried to play UT online tonight. I was connected at 33.6 and was getting a 260 ping to the server. I don't know if the problem was the Unified driver or the netcode. Whatever it was, it wasn't close to being as smooth as Q3Test. I'll try again when the full demo comes out. That'll give me a more realistic gauge of its performance.

Friday, September 24, 1999

UT Demo Mondayish

I've gathered from various sources around the web that the full UT demo will not be released this weekend. Look for it around Monday. The cool thing is that they will have the 3D sound stuff (A3D and EAX) in the new demo. You might want to consider downloading the 3dfx-only demo now so you only have to download the patch when the full demo comes out and the servers get hit hard. Just a thought . . .

I just noticed that the GT update says the demo will be out on Monday the 24th. We'll assume they mean the 27th. Buy that man a calendar!

Some GreenMarine humor

Saw this in Brandon "GreenMarine" Reinhart's .plan update today:




I've had days like that. Heck, my last two weeks have been like that...

Kinda looks like a script from "The Incredible Hulk".

DirectX 7 and Movies

After I installed DirectX 7, I noticed that the intro movie on NHL 2000 started to flicker. I noticed in the DirectX setup that some DirectMedia files were missing. Upon downloading DirectAnimation from the Windows Update site (or through the DirectX site, if you have Win95) those files were installed and my movies no longer flicker. The DirectMedia stuff provides some movie codecs that can make movies display better. It certainly worked in this case.

User Friendly is published!

Good news for Illiad, of User Friendly. O'Reilly is scheduled to release his first book collection of User Friendly in October, 1999. Excellent-I will be picking this one up!

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