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Monday, September 27, 1999

GreenMarine .plan

Epic's own Brandon "GreenMarine" Reinhart updated his .plan with news of the release of the Linux UT Server (not client) for the full demo, as well as a bit about the upcoming Win32 demo release.
Okay, the UT full demo linux server will start showing up on various sites for you to download now. I'm spreading it to some various sites for distribution and I'm sure it'll find its way around the net.

In the morning we'll release the UT full demo.

i820 Chipset at Ace's Hardware

I saw this interesting article on Intel's new i820 (Camino) chipset on Ace's Hardware. They put the board through its paces with RAMBUS memory and a TNT2 Ultra. The most interesting thing of all (to me) was the fact that the Q3Test timedemo actually got .1 of a fps slower using AGP 4x instead of AGP 2x. A 600 Mhz Athlon with a 100 Mhz front-side bus still beat a PIII-600 with a 133 Mhz FSB. Thanks Riva 3D.

No UT Demo Tonight

The Unreal Tournament page was just updated with this blurb from Mark Rein:
Our plans right now are to release the Linux Server-only version of the Unreal Tournament Demo tonight, do some exhaustive overnight testing (and potentially a bug fix if it's needed) and then give the demo to GT to release tomorrow morning if everything goes OK. There are still a few known issues (Tim Sweeney will post a list tonight on the Unreal Technology Site) that won't get addressed in time for the demo release but otherwise we think it will be pretty solid and D3D users should be pleased.
Go to bed. Watch Monday Night Football. Enjoy a lovely beverage. Any of the above.

Borland to port programming tools to Linux

WHOOOOO!!!! For all you programming weenies in the crowd, check this story out about Inprise to port Borland language tools to Linux. Now THAT is good news folks. I may need to get a Linux box running at home now :-)


My MAD (Shogo clan) member and Haus columnist, Joltox, has retired from the Old Married Guys [RIP] and has asked to be relieved of his columnist duties on this website. In Real Life (tMS) he and his wife are opening up a martial (not marital) arts school. I wish him nothing but the best. If I'm ever stuck in a dark alley, I want him on my side.

UT Full Demo Status

VE posted this blurb which someone saw on the Shugashack forums:
Keep your pants on. We're almost done with it, no visible bugs, looks spiffy on my TNT2.

*Should* be today! (Monday, fingers crossed)


M$ out of cash?

Check this hilarious link out: MicroSoft runs out of cash! Oh, MY-I bet that MicoSerf is hurting :-)

Sunday, September 26, 1999

George C.Scott RIP

Saw today that George C. Scott died Wednesday, 22 September. His portrayal of George Patton in the 1970 film Patton was outstanding, and stands as one of my favorite films of all time. RIP.

3dfx Problems

I saw this on Björn's 3D World:
Well as a Reseller the other day I had a few cutomers that wanted 3dfx boards. I called 3 different distributers and all 3 said no stock. 2 of the 3 said they had over 300 units in bad bin pile. Bad bin means DOA boards.
This explains why 3fdx stock is in the toilet. Oh, and are there any further questions on why the V4 is pushed back until Q1?

The Master: BwahahahaAHAHAHAHAHAHahhaha... *cough* *gasp* Hehe :-)

Q3Test and UTDemo

The Shugashack pointed me towards this comparison between the gameplay in Q3Test and UTDemo. I had been trying to put my finger on the difference, and I think he makes some valid points. Here's a snip:
The question at the end of the day is of course, which gameplay model is better? Obviously UTDemo rewards clever personal management more than Q3Test. Q3Test on the other hand rewards forward thinking and also has much greater newbie appeal by virtue of its technical simplicity. Good reflexes and aim are of course advantages in both games but they're more important in Q3Test than in UTDemo because of the fragility of the players.
Personally, I'm going to play the game with the best netcode and with the best framerates on my system. Currently, both of those point towards Q3.

UT Demo Weapons

Unreal Universe has an article on the Unreal Tournament Demo Weapons. Included is info on the primary and secondary firing modes of each weapon, the damage inflicted, and suggested uses. A good read for those new to the UT scene (such as myself). Thanks Blue.

My favorite weapon? Probably the minigun in secondary fire mode (read: chaingun). The rocket launcher is cool for its heat-seeking capabilities. The ability to load multiple rockets isn't that useful because a) it takes too long, b) they spread out too much at long range, and c) at short range they can kill you too! If I could aim, I'd like the shock rifle.

My favorite powerup is the "Big Keg O' Health". I almost died the first time I picked it up because I was laughing so hard!

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