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Saturday, October 2, 1999

Shogo Porting Update

I saw on PlanetShogo that Hyperion Software has posted another update of their progress on porting Shogo to the Amiga. It seems like they've got the server code working already.

Gee, it only took them that long to get an Amiga server working but we're still waiting for the Linux server from Lith?!? I suppose it only has been 12 months, what do I expect?

UT TNT Fixes?

I tried a couple of the "fixes" to make Unreal Tourney run better on my TNT. I had been running in 16 bit mode before they mentioned it (although I wish UT would REMEMBER that I want 16 bit color). That does help significantly.

I can't get my monitor to figure out that it can run at 512x384. I got it to do it before, but now it refuses. Try as a might, I can't get HzTool to convince it to use a refresh rate that works.

Turning off the 3D accelerated sound didn't do anything for my framerate. Having said that, it didn't seem to affect the sound either.

I'm not going to try those new drivers that are floating around until NVIDIA releases something officially. I don't trust drivers from "other sources."

Off Topic

The NHL is back and my beloved Red Wings blanked Dominik Hasek and the Sabres 2-0.

A&E has only been showing Monty Python for a couple of months now and they've already pulled it off the air. Send your well-constructed hate mail to:

I may be getting a new(ish) car soon. Gotta have more room for the two kids!

I went to my homebrew club meeting today. It just convinced me once again that homebrewers are the best people in the world. Sometimes it's nice to be a geek about something other than computers.

The Master comments: But WHY would you want to be any other kind of geek? I mean, REALLY......

John Carmack .plan update

Yet another worklog .plan update from John Carmack. There is also commentary on this on Thresh's Firingsquad. Exciting points include:

We're back!

Well, it looks like we're back after some network flakiness. Sorry for the interrupt :-/

Friday, October 1, 1999

I'm not Insane!

Well, at least not when it comes to Q3Test. Quite often, when playing on EZ-Net's Q3Test server, I would lag out. This would mainly happen when using a lag-inducing weapon like the machinegun, lightning gun, or plasma gun. However, this never happened on any other server, no matter how bad the connection was (and I've played on some doozies).

Crawl (EZ-Net tech dude) and I tried to get to the bottom of it last night. It seems that I only have problems if I am on a server which is on the same C block as I am on. Crawl, who is assigned an I.P. on a different C block, never has this problem, nor does anyone else connecting from outside EZ-Net.

Eric from id Software responded promptly and said that the information Crawl provided was very helpful and that other users had seen the same problem. It's not just me! Eric passed the information on to The Carmack, who hopefully will be able to nip this one in the bud. I'll pass along more information as soon as we get it!

Extra bonus kudos go out to Crawl and Skippy at EZ-Net for not shooting me while we tried to track this bad-boy down.

The Master comments: We always kinda suspected something like this. Q3A was EXTREMELY lagging in LAN mode, and it seems the code still does something funny if an address is on the same class-C as the server. Interesting.

Surprise, Surprise

There's a petition up on a website which shall remain nameless, trying to get id to put the grapple in Quake 3 Arena. Several points bear mentioning: 1) the code for the grapple will be in there, it just won't be used in the CTF levels that ship with the game, 2) their main argument for wanting it is "make Q3 like Q2!" (personally I think that Q3 should be as little like Q2 as humanly possible), and 3) John Carmack said long ago that he cares little about online petitions. How about waiting to try something before you bitch about it, eh?

Update: I just saw on the Shack that there is a petition online to keep the grapple out of Q3. Personally, I think I'm going to start a petition to stop all online petitions. Who's with me?

The Master responds: ME ME ME!

New Hun-Speak!

I updated my Hun-Speak column with an article entitled Requiem for Shogo: Where Did We Go Wrong? In it I give my perspective on what happened to turn Shogo from a great online game into the ghost town that it is now. Check it out.

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