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Sunday, October 10, 1999

CPU design limits?

Well, it looks like Moore's Law could be overturned soon. There's an article on Yahoo! entitled "Intel Scientist Sees Chip Size, Design Limits", which seems to indicate that Intel has hit the limits of current technology sizing down the transistors embedded in silicon. Which should surprise no one, but is an ominous sign of a static point in CPU design anyway. Of course, this could force designers to look at the ALGORITHMS their processors are based on and start optimizing those instead. Brute force doesn't last forever...

GeForce benchmarks

There are some prelimiary benchmarks of the GeForce256 on The Shack, with a comprehensive article promised by sCary soon. Should be an interesting read. From what I'm seeing around the 'net, the GeForce isn't all that right now, but let's face it. It WON'T be all that until some application coding changes are made especially for it. And I'm sure the drivers need a few revs to get up to snuff too. I have faith, nvidia can make some incredible stuff in their driver departments.

NT's not up to snuff :-)

Okay, read today's User Frendly, and MAN was it hilarious. Now, actually, I LIKE NT, when it works, which is the whole point I guess. IIS is nice when you've finished applying all 700 million security patches. Per day. But I digress. Check the comic here.

Sign of the times?

There's an article on CNN titled "Police suspect killing was a Beanie Baby deal gone bad". Ummm. I think I may need to look into investing in small tropical islands to move my family to. This kind of stuff makes me wonder about our whole society as a whole.

Webdog tracking!

Okay, now THIS is cool :-)

We are now being tracked by Webdog in their Gaming News category. Richard Smith of Webdog is the man. BTW: Our fingers and the footer "other news sites" is generated dynamically from the Webdog site and placed into our system automatically. If you need a .plan/news site tracker, Webdog has it all!

Update: Okay, I borked in one way, I put WebDog in my HTML, not Webdog. My bad, and my appologies. You'd think I would KNOW to CHECK by now...

Saturday, October 9, 1999


<RANT>Okay, this whole memory pricing gig is really totally suck. I mean, two months ago I could get 128meg of PC100 SDRAM for $80. Now it's $280 and I can't even THINK about it. I wanted the damn memory two months ago, but for various reasons couldn't get it. Now I CAN'T get it even if I had some friggin' money. I'd send out a string of various expletives to the memory manufacturers, but they'd just raise the prices another $100 to spite me.</RANT>

What a SLOW day!


  1. Today is has been incrediby slow. Nothing going on.
  2. The NEW Zoo is cool. If you live in Northeastern Wisconsin, check it out. $2 per visitor, free if < 2 years of age.
  3. SCSI is not cool. I have to crack open this old P200 of mine and try to figure out why all these devices are conflicting. Gotta love device IDs. Grrr...

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