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Friday, November 5, 1999


If I see that "Punch the Monkey" ad again (and it's a JAVA ad at that) one more time, I'm going to throw up. Too bad it won't let you punch the advertiser.

The Master comments: Oh, goody. And we now get even MORE of these wonderful frippin' Java banners courtesy of UGO, since Blue's News has joined the UGO network...

Micro$oft IS a Monopoly!

Microsoft Nailed! today, with Judge Jackson's ruling on the U.S. vs. Microsoft Anti-Trust lawsuit. I'm still blown away by M$'s attitude that what they do is okay. Take a look at Microsquash's announced pricing on Windows 2000 if you need proof of monopoly power. A $200 jump in price for a friggin' UPGRADE is monopoly power kids, no holds barred. Thanks ZDNet.

FOLLOWUP: Article on CNN in the same line, but a bit more detailed. Also a link to the full findings.

A.T. adds: It'll be interesting to see what will follow from here. This is a damning loss for Microsoft. Will the judgment have any impact on end-users? Time will tell.

sCary and Q3

sCary has posted some answers to questions his readers posted regarding the latest build of Q3A he played at id recently. All of it seems like great news, except for the revelation that CTF will not be in the demo. Rats.

Todd Hollenshead .Plan

Todd Hollenshead, id's CEO, updated his .plan with the news that the "tin box" edition of Quake III Arena contains the same stuff as the regular box does. Only 30,000 will be made. He also reiterates that the posted release dates on several retailers' sites are pure speculation. Q3A will be done "when it's done."


Sorry about the downtime folks. We had a little snafu here and the wires came just a bit loose. I will try to get this kind of thing corrected so it never happens again. Oh, well...

New Slave Zero Demo

Someone at Accolade must have heard my grumbling the other day. I was complaining about how Slave Zero had gone gold, yet there was only a pre-beta demo available. Well, I can gripe no more. They've released a new demo, presumably based on the gold (final, shipping) code. The new demo weighs in at almost 66 megs and is available from the official Slave Zero site (very slow right now), AVault, and the various mirrors that are FilePlanet.

Thursday, November 4, 1999


CNet has started a new service similar to their popular called You can search for any title on any system and find out who has the lowest price on the web. It is a very cool and very convenient way to find games on the cheap. Highly recommended.

Daikatana Chat Tonight

I saw this blurb on Voodoo Extreme:
Don't forget to join us this evening at 8 PM (CST) for the latest in a special Daikatana chat series. Tonight, we'll be focusing on Daikatana's programmers. Lead Coder Shawn Green, AI Ninja Noel Stephens and others from the team will be on-hand to answer your questions.

To join in the fun, simply enter the ION Chat Lobby or point your IRC browser to, room #ion. See you there.
If Daikatana lives up to the hype, it should be rather cool (with relatively modest system requirements to boot!).

New Q3 Screenshots

sCary has posted four new Quake III Arena screenshots he obtained from a German magazine (they are screenshots though, not scans of magazine pages). Here are the links: shot 1, shot 2, shot 3, and shot 4. Of particular interest (to me anyway) is shot 2, which shows off a new model, I believe called "Tank Jr." or something. I also like the "skating chick's" jump animation. Pretty slick.

New Tips and Tricks

I added a couple of new Tips and Tricks today. They are: Turn on "Hidden" Options (VSync, etc.) with NVIDIA Drivers, and Overclocking with the NVIDIA 3.53 Drivers.

We're going to be using the Tips and Tricks section as a repository of cool, yet difficult to find, information we have gleaned from the web. Right now, all of it focuses on NVIDIA driver issues. It's not that we hate 3dfx or S3 or anything, it's just that The Master and I both have TNTs, so this is the information we need!

In the coming days I will also be adding some cool tips that I've found and used for Unreal Tournament and Q3Test. Stay tuned!

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