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Tuesday, February 8, 2000

More DoS Attacks

ABC News is reporting that several other sites--including eBay, Buy.Com, CNN.Com, and Amazon--were victims of Denial of Service attacks by script kiddies with a bit too much time on their hands. Sorry, you 1337 haX0rs, I'm with the FBI on this one. Thanks Slashdot.

Steed Sounds Off

In case you forgot why they pulled the .plan-file plug on id's Paul Steed, check out his latest verbal hemorrhage in his loonygames Thinking out of the Box column. He makes some points that I can agree with. I complained about some "reviews" on the Net in my last Hun-Speak column. But his column is so filled with generalization and hyperbole that what could be a meaningful column quickly descends into mud-slinging. Kinda like the presidential primaries.

Daikatana: Does Anyone Care?

That's the musical question posed by this Salon article. The answer will also be critical for the careers of John Romero and the staff at ION Storm. They've spent too much money to allow it to fail, but since it is so late, can it do anything but fail? We will see when (or if) it comes out. Thanks Blue.

Monday, February 7, 2000

AMD > 1Ghz

AMD has demonstrated a version of their Athlon processor running at an unbelievable 1.1 gigahertz (1100 Mhz). Even more amazing is that the press release claims that "the demonstration required no special cooling techniques". Yowza. What does this mean? Cheaper, faster, better microprocessors and someone to keep Intel sweating. Gotta love it! Thanks Blue's News.

SoF Graphics Info

Raven's John Scott updated his .plan with a rundown of all the options on the Video Settings menu in the Soldier of Fortune demo. Check it out if you are having video "issues."

Linux Info Update

I updated my articles on setting up devices under Linux (story) with some minor clarifications and corrections sent in by our very own J.t.Qbe. I made some major changes to the Sound Blaster Live! setup information, to include directions on installing both the pre-January 19 snapshots and the post-January 19 snapshots.

CliffyB Interview on VE

Billy and the crew at Voodoo Extreme have slapped up an interview with Epic's Cliff Bleszinski. While this interview is considerably more low-brow (and shorter) than the previously mentioned Carmack interview, it is entertaining nonetheless.

Carmack Faces the 'Squad

Ye Olde Firing Squad has posted an interview with the man, the myth, the legend, John Carmack, father of all things Quake. This is part one, prepare for part two on Wednesday. This is must-read stuff here kids.

It's bad enough that my birthday is this week. Then I realize that I'm at least two years older than John C. Pass the Geritol. Thanks Blue for the link.

Corel to Buy Borland/Inprise

According to C-Net News, Corel to buy programming toolmaker for $2.44 billion. This could be a huge boon for Borland, as it gives them a few more resources to develop their products lines with. My fear is Corel will have Borland drop Win32 development of Delphi, which would suck major eggs. Delphi is the best Rapid Development Environment out there, even if it uses Pascal as its language :-)

Work on DNF

George Broussard updated his .plan to let the world know he's looking for another programmer for Duke Nukem: Forever. Check it:
We are looking for an additional programmer for Duke Nukem Forver. Now is the time to send in a resume if you are interested.
  • Professional experience coding with the Unreal engine preferred. If you are working on an Unreal engine game now, contact us. You owe it to yourself to consider the option.
  • Professional experience on a major 3D engine, or having shipped (or worked on) an FPS game before.
  • User Community experience, working on killer mods for Unreal, Quake, Half-Life, or other major games. The more popular the mod the better. If you're the new up and comer, give us a shout.

E-mail me at "". We will sort through the interested people and go from there. Include relevant info in the email like:
  • Current position and projects worked on (basic resume)
  • Salary requirement
  • What's the last 5 games you've played?
  • Tell us about yourself in general. Why would you be perfect for the job? What hobbies or interests do you have?

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