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Thursday, May 18, 2000

Slashdot's Lawyers Respond to Microsoft

The lawyers representing Andover.Net, the parent company of Slashdot, have submitted a formal response to Microsoft's demands for Slashdot to remove posts dealing with their proprietary extensions to the Kerberos open-source authentication protocol (story). The response is more of a series of questions intending to prove whether or not Microsoft has any right to make such demands. The questions are logical and get to the heart of the matter, but I question if they actually have any legal bearing. It will be interesting to see how far M$ is willing to push this, given their current legal problems. More to come, I'm sure.

C Tutorials

Raven's Jake Simpson has whipped up some quick and dirty C tutorials over at Voodoo Extreme. If you are an aspiring mod maker and want to learn the basics of C/C++ programming, check these out. Just ignore all the smileys.

New Q3A Requiem Released

There's a version 0.6 release of the Q3A Requiem Mod available on the Requiem Homepage. Included in the release are runes (like QW), a skinnable grapple, slide jumping, and a slew of new weapons and ammo, including a flamethrower.

#9 isn't alive

According to Number Nine's website, Number Nine Visual Technology has ceased operation. This is kinda depressing for me, since #9 was the supplier of the video card in my first Dell PC.

More Microsoft Security issues

I believe we already reported on this one, but ZDNet has a report up entitled "Microsoft's 'Clippy' a Security Nightmare", indicating the issues with the "safe for scripting" labelling on Microsoft's Office Assistant tool.

Rant Warning: Why in the heck hasn't Microsoft learned from their past security mistakes? Microsoft has made this particular mistake at least 3 times in the last 2 years. They have more unchecked buffers than I have brain cells. How hard is it to program in a "secure" manner? As soon as Microsoft pays themselves for their security blunders this crap is going to go away. Otherwise prepare to suffer a lot more of this stuff in the future. Hey, monopolies don't have to care about the customers, and Gross Profit is King.

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Wednesday, May 17, 2000

Carmack on Video Cards

id's John Carmack updated his .plan with his thoughts, high points, and caveats for the latest video cards from NVIDIA, ATi, and 3dfx. Marriage must be doing wonders for him because for the first time that I can remember, he uses sarcasm in his .plan. He is talking about 3dfx' Voodoo4/5 when he says:
Rasterization feature wise, voodoo4 is just catching up to the original TNT. We finally have 32 bit color and stencil. Yeah.
Now all I need is a cheap GeForce . . .

SiN in the Bargain Bin

Women Gamers has a column called The Bargain Bin which reviews games that, rightly or wrongly, are now living in the cheap seats at your local software purveyor. This time they take a look at SiN. I've always heard that behind all the bugs there was a great game waiting to get out. I never could get the demo to run on my old system. This review has me thinking about trying it again. Thanks Stomped.

J.t.Qbe comments: . . .must. . .stay away. . .from CompUSA. . .

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