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Saturday, May 20, 2000

Mozilla Builds

MozillaZine has a new feature where they rate the daily builds for Mozilla so you know whether or not to bother downloading them. They also list what new features have been added and what bugs have been squished. I downloaded yesterday's (May 19) Win32 build and it works quite nicely so far--much better than M15. I'm especially happy that they eliminated the bug that gave me fits whenever I tried to post and edit news to The Haus. Click the following links to download the May 19 build: Win32, Linux, Mac (May 18).

MAME to emulate ATAXX

This has GOT to be some of the coolest emulation news I've seen. According to the MAME WIP, the Leland driver has been completed, allowing emulation of Ataxx. Ataxx was one of my favorite games back in the college days. I wonder if the company that rents video games to UWGB would be willing to unload their machine. Heck, I'd find room for the upright if it still works :-)

User Friendly Facelift

Looks like the folks over at User Friendly have given their site a drastic facelift. If you don't read UF, be sure to check it out!

Sony Sues Bleem! Again

According to a CNet article, Sony Sues Bleem, Again. No surprise here, since Sony thinks they're going to lose market share to Bleem. This is quite silly in my opinion, since this only OPENS the market for Playstation games, that would not otherwise be purchased. Cheap people like me won't own a console and a PC if we can help it. I don't know if Sony has much of a shot on this, since most of their similar lawsuit against Connectix has been thrown out already.

History today

Friday, May 19, 2000

Chris Roberts Interview

PC.IGN has posted an interview with Chris Roberts, one of the founders of Digital Anvil and the father of the Wing Commander series of games. This interview deals with Freelancer, their upcoming hugely gigantic space sim. It's a great interview, but it did give the bad news that the game is still almost a year off. The really cool thing is that they are planning a massively multiplayer version of the game which could redefine the whole genre. But maybe I'm being a bit premature. Thanks loonyboi.

Brandon Reinhart to 3D Realms

3D Realms' George Broussard updated his .plan with the word that Brandon "GreenMarine" Reinhart will now be a part of the Duke Nukem Forever team.
Brandon Reinhart will be joining us next week as a programmer on Duke Nukem Forever.

Previously Brandon worked at Epic for two years and on such projects as Unreal Tournament. We're very pleased to welcome him as a new member to the DNF team and his Unreal experience will allow him to be immediately productive here.

We will not be doing further interviews or plan updates on this, as there really is nothing more to say at this time.

Thanks for understanding.
I wonder who is going to take over Linux programming at Epic? Not coincidentally, I just noticed that GreenMarine is no longer listed as a moderator on the UT: Rocket Arena forums.

UPDATE! GreenMarine posted news apologizing on the UT:RA page for his absence recently. I guess he still will be working on the mod after all.

New, More Destructive Email Virus

A new VBScript virus is making its way around the web. It is based on the ILOVEYOU worm from a little while ago (story). This version picks a random filename from the sender's hard drive and picks a random subject (although it will always begin with "FW:"). This one is more deadly too because it attempts to delete every file not in use, both on local and network drives. Check Symantec's site for more information on this worm, technically known as VBS.NewLove.A. If you aren't expecting an email attachment from someone DELETE IT! Thanks Slashdot (although I actually heard about it first on the radio this morning).

The Master comments: Heck, we're STILL catching copies of the ILOVEYOU virus on my work servers. Will this thing never die?

History today

LancerWorld Freelancer Preview

LancerWorld gives a preview of Digital Anvil's Freelancer from the "closed doors" demo of the game at E3. The author gives a detailed run-down of the two missions Chris Roberts showed to them. There's even an MP3 of Roberts' comments throughout the demonstration. Thanks VE again.

GamesMania Obi-Wan Preview

GamesMania has posted a pretty interesting preview of LucasArts' Obi-Wan. Unlike many previews I've read, this one actually gets into more details of the game itself. Thanks Voodoo Extreme.

Daikatana Petition

There's a petition online begging John Romero NOT to port Daikatana to the Macintosh. My favorite comment was this one:
Say no to Daikatana. For the childeren.
Now if we could only stop Eidos from releasing it on the PC . . . Thanks Blue.

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