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Sunday, May 21, 2000

GreenMarine Wasn't Canned

Mark Rein wrote to Blue to confirm that Brandon "GreenMarine" Reinhart had NOT been fired by Epic as some had foolishly surmised. Here's the whole thing, yanked with extreme prejudice.
There has been some speculation that we fired Brandon. This is completely untrue. We were very happy with Brandon's work. He made a big contribution to the success of Unreal Tournament and laid the majority of the groundwork that got our engine up and running on PlayStation 2 in so little time. At Epic he was part of a 4-man programming team working on the technology side of our PlayStation 2 efforts and I know he longed to be doing more challenging gameplay-specific programming similar to what Steve Polge does at Epic. Brandon was very professional about his departure choosing to leave after the E3 "crunch" and with no unfinished tasks. If he was going to leave he chose the best possible time with the least possible impact to our current projects and for that we're grateful. We'll miss Brandon but we wish him great success at 3D Realms and our already high expectations for Duke Nukem Forever will now be raised even higher!

Q3A Jailbreak Beta 2 Released

Beta 2 of the Jailbreak mod for Quake III Arena has been released. Well, partially anyway. Some new and revised maps from Sul are available now. You can get them from the Jailbreak files page. Soon more maps will be released, along with some code changes.

You can check out my review of the first beta here. My main gripe with the old beta was map-related more than code-related. Here's to hoping some of the problems were addressed.

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Saturday, May 20, 2000

Mozilla Builds

MozillaZine has a new feature where they rate the daily builds for Mozilla so you know whether or not to bother downloading them. They also list what new features have been added and what bugs have been squished. I downloaded yesterday's (May 19) Win32 build and it works quite nicely so far--much better than M15. I'm especially happy that they eliminated the bug that gave me fits whenever I tried to post and edit news to The Haus. Click the following links to download the May 19 build: Win32, Linux, Mac (May 18).

MAME to emulate ATAXX

This has GOT to be some of the coolest emulation news I've seen. According to the MAME WIP, the Leland driver has been completed, allowing emulation of Ataxx. Ataxx was one of my favorite games back in the college days. I wonder if the company that rents video games to UWGB would be willing to unload their machine. Heck, I'd find room for the upright if it still works :-)

User Friendly Facelift

Looks like the folks over at User Friendly have given their site a drastic facelift. If you don't read UF, be sure to check it out!

Sony Sues Bleem! Again

According to a CNet article, Sony Sues Bleem, Again. No surprise here, since Sony thinks they're going to lose market share to Bleem. This is quite silly in my opinion, since this only OPENS the market for Playstation games, that would not otherwise be purchased. Cheap people like me won't own a console and a PC if we can help it. I don't know if Sony has much of a shot on this, since most of their similar lawsuit against Connectix has been thrown out already.

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