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Monday, June 12, 2000

Revenge on a Spammer

A.T. and T.M. should love this site. It's the story of a spammer who forged someone else's domain as the return address on her spam. He got her account shut down. She did it again, and he shut her down again. When she returned with an AOL account and started forging his domain name again, he had had enough. And unfortunately for her, he is an internet security expert who knows lots and lots of hacker tricks.

*Warning* This site contains a few nude photos of the spammer and should not be viewed by children and those who want to keep their lunch down.

Big Blue Backs Linux

This ZDNet article details numerous announcements made recently by IBM, announcing its increasing support of Linux. This is great news for Linux fans as the OS attempts to become more "mainstream." The main distros need the backing of a company like Big Blue. ThinkPads preloaded with Linux. Mmmmm. Thanks Linux Today.

Deus Ex Gold!

Deus Ex, Ion's shortest game-in-production, has gone Gold, and is expected June 22. Blue has the official Press Release from Eidos if you're into the Marketing fluff :-)

More CS Server DLL updates

There's several updated 6.5b .dll files available over on the Counter-Strike website, including one for Win32, and one for Linux. If you run a server these are highly recommended.

History today

Sunday, June 11, 2000

Q3A Requiem Release

There's a new release of Q3A Requiem over on the ReQ3A page. Included is a whole slew of features from the original QW Requiem mod, including the freezegun, holograms, and the jump boots. Coolness-I'll have to pull this down later :-)

New HL Server DLL released

There's a new Win32 server DLL for Half-Life released over on the Counter-Strike messageboards. This fixes a whole slew of problems created in the 1.1 Half-Life release. If you want to download it, follow the link above and read through the post-it includes the information needed to download the file from Valve.

History today

Your Next Operating System

If you've been living in a cyber-cave for the last 5 years and don't know what the heck this Linux stuff is about, check out this article about Linux in today's Washington Post. It's a pretty good intro, though it does seem pretty pro-Linux. Not that that's a bad thing.

Linux has come a long way during the 4 years I've been using it. I just got around to installing SuSE 6.3, which I won at a conference in May. The "everything" install put 7 gigs of software on my drive. It installed software for just about any purpose you can imagine. Then I discovered that it had clobbered one of the other partitions on the same drive--a Windows partition which came before it in the partition table, but existed at the end of the disk. Now it's listed as a FAT32 drive, but seems to point to the Linux partition. Go figure THAT one out. Oh well. I only lost a few games. . .

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