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Tuesday, June 13, 2000

Pondering the Imponderable

Pictures! We got pictures! The first is of Gordie Howe and me (40K) as he signs my copy of his book And Howe! (yep, that's me with the Howe #9 jersey). The second is a scan of the cover of my program from the Eric Idle show (124K) I attended in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Yessir, that's his very own autograph on there. Now that I've met my two heros (of sports and comedy), I don't really know where I can go from here!

Appeals Court to Hear M$'s Case

In a move that is guaranteed to cost U.S. taxpayers more money than Microsoft has already bilked out of them, the United States Appeals Court has agreed to hear M$'s appeal of Judge Jackson's antitrust ruling. The only thing that this guarantees is that more expensive lawyers will be employed for a few extra years. Remember to thank Bill when you fill out your 1040 next spring. Thanks Slashdot.

Personally I think they should send the whole case to Judge Judy and have her give Gates a gavel to the head.

Obi-Wan First Look

GamePower posted a first look at Obi-Wan. The article covers the author's impressions of some hands-on testing with LucasArts' current build of the game. It concludes with an interview with the game's project leader, Stephen Shaw (the man behind the Mysteries of the Sith add-on for Jedi Knight). Thanks Voodoo Extreme.

New NVIDIA Linux Video Drivers

There are new drives available for NVIDIA video cards over on NVIDIA's website. There's also a changelog from the drivers available over on LinuxGames. I'm sure A.T. will be letting us know how these drivers do when he gets online. Thanks Blue.

A.T. Hun comments: I'll download them and check them out. I could never get the .92 drivers to install properly (the .93 changelog indicates that a "fix" they put in for TNTs in .92 really didn't fix anything; maybe that's the culprit). Hopefully these will work. Some folks on Linux Games are reporting that these drivers give a nice little speed boost (which is cool since they were pretty darn fast to begin with).

UPDATE! 11:10 A.M. I downloaded and installed the new drivers. Now NVIDIA automatically has you download the kernel source RPM if you are using Red Hat 6.2 or running a custom Linux kernel. The drivers work just fine now and give a slight speed increase on my TNT (42.3 fps in DEMO001 as opposed to 41.5 with the .91 drivers). If you've got an earlier version of these drivers, I'd say these .93 ones are a must-install.

Deus Ex Demo Due Friday!

Wheeeeee!!!! According to Blue, we can expect a demo version of Deus Ex on Friday, June 16, as an exclusive release on the Gamecenter Website.

I really hope this game is what everyone has been saying it is-cool. I want a cool single player game to puzzle over for awhile, since I've already finished Sin :-)

History today

Monday, June 12, 2000

Revenge on a Spammer

A.T. and T.M. should love this site. It's the story of a spammer who forged someone else's domain as the return address on her spam. He got her account shut down. She did it again, and he shut her down again. When she returned with an AOL account and started forging his domain name again, he had had enough. And unfortunately for her, he is an internet security expert who knows lots and lots of hacker tricks.

*Warning* This site contains a few nude photos of the spammer and should not be viewed by children and those who want to keep their lunch down.

Big Blue Backs Linux

This ZDNet article details numerous announcements made recently by IBM, announcing its increasing support of Linux. This is great news for Linux fans as the OS attempts to become more "mainstream." The main distros need the backing of a company like Big Blue. ThinkPads preloaded with Linux. Mmmmm. Thanks Linux Today.

Deus Ex Gold!

Deus Ex, Ion's shortest game-in-production, has gone Gold, and is expected June 22. Blue has the official Press Release from Eidos if you're into the Marketing fluff :-)

More CS Server DLL updates

There's several updated 6.5b .dll files available over on the Counter-Strike website, including one for Win32, and one for Linux. If you run a server these are highly recommended.

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