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Sunday, June 25, 2000

Requiem .7 Released

The Requiem team has release a non-beta .7 version of their Quake III Arena mod. Requiem is a personal favorite of The Master and me, we highly recommend it. (A personal note: Flamethrower! Burn! Burn! Ahem, sorry.) Here's a list of the changes since beta3:


If that Rambus article makes you mad, just check out this online comic strip and you'll feel all better. At least I did, but I've got a weird sense of humor.

Rambus Hates You

As if it weren't bad enough that Rambus memory just plain sucks, the company has found another way to make money and make consumers bleed until their white. According to this EBNews article, Rambus is going to use their patent arsenal to raise SDRAM and DDRAM prices to the point where Rambus can be competitive. Don't believe me? Here's a quote:
[Rambus VP Avo] Kanadjian said that as Rambus hammers out licensing deals with other companies, it will charge less for access to SDRAM than for emerging DDR SDRAM, which is perceived as the most likely competitor to the Direct Rambus interface.

"We will seek smaller royalty amounts for conventional [single-data-rate] SDRAM, but greater fees for DDR," he said.Asked if the payment plan was designed to head off a potential rival to Direct Rambus, Kanadjian replied, "I wouldn't argue with that conclusion."
So basically, we have a crappy technology but we will use our lawyers to ram it down your throat or, failing that, any other available orifice. It's one thing to be a total b@$t@rd, but it's another thing entirely to be smug about it. Thanks Slashdot.

Carmack on PS2/DX8

John Carmack has posted this blurb and this one over on /. on his feelings on Playstation 2 hype and on OpenGL/DirectX8 directions. Interesting port. Thanks Shugashack.

UPDATE! 3:45 P.M. by A.T. Hun Blue adds links to a couple of choice comments from Verant's Brian Hook on DX8. You can view his comments here and here.

Just a side note: if you visit Slashdot a lot, set up an account and set it to filter out all posts moderated lower than 2. The information will be much more useful and you won't have to mentally filter out all the dreck.

History today


I've been a PC Gamer reader since '95 or '96. Back in the early days, you could buy the CD-ROM edition and count on getting some good demos. That changed. Nowadays, you can spend $7-8 on the CD-ROM edition of PC and you have a good chance of getting a defective CD. I've been getting defective CDs since late 1997, and have seriously cut down on buying the magazine at all. My last issue was in December 1998.

Well, I was tempted by the July 2000 issue, in which the CD-ROM is purported to have free copies of a dozen classic games--good stuff too, like Ultima Underworld and X-Com. I bought it and took it home, expecting that the CD wouldn't work. Sure enough, it didn't work. I wrote to PC Gamer to request a new CD. Haven't seen one now after 2 weeks of waiting. I've exchanged the magazine four more times and still don't have a working CD. I've tried the CDs in 3 different computers, and none can read them. Numerous others have had the same problem, and PC Gamer doesn't seem to care.

This is inexcusable. It's disappointing to miss out on some of these good games. It's infuriating to spend $7-8 on a magazine primarily to get a CD-ROM which doesn't work (the magazine itself certainly isn't worth that much). It's disheartening to see the lack of concern PC Gamer shows toward its readers. I'll never again buy any copy of PC Gamer. They've lost me for good. And I'm sure they don't care.

Saturday, June 24, 2000

KDE2 Preview

KDE is a very powerful and user-friendly graphical front-end for Linux' X Window system. It's the one I use when I boot to Linux. The next version, KDE2, promises to be even more friendly. has a quick preview of KDE2, based on beta code. Most impressive is their kOffice productivity suite. I'm hoping this will be another step toward allowing me to dump Windows eventually. We'll see. Thanks Linux Today.

J.t.Qbe comments: KDE2 promises to be a huge improvement over an already great window manager. I use Enlightenment at work, but KDE2 may very well lure me away.

But it won't let you dump Windows entirely. The games will keep pulling you back. Kudos to Loki for helping to bring high quality games to Linux, but I still have a ton of Windows/DOS games I still play (or intend to play). Until you're ready to dump your legacy stuff altogether, you'll need that legacy OS. . .

Q3A Side-Scroller

TargetQuake attempts to turn our favorite first-person shooter into a classic side-scroller. Interesting concept. You can download the PK3 file here. There are a few bugs, so make sure to check out the TargetQuake page first. Thanks Blue.

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