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Sunday, August 20, 2000

John Romero 20-questions

Gamespy has a 20 Questions with John Romero online. It contains some interesting stuff, including a picture of John's desktop.

In addition, the article had a link to John Romero's personal website, Planet Romero. If you want to wait 20 minutes for the title banner, and see a picture of Stevie showing off her medical enhancement, take a peek.

A.T. Hun comments: Better living through science.

Saturday, August 19, 2000

Pondering the Imponderable

Tomorrow brings vacation for yours truly. And not a moment too soon I might add. I will be checking in at least once a day to check The Master's spelling. It will mean a week away from my PC, but I think I'll survive. After all, that's what Visors are for, right?

I'll let you know how many times I saw Godzilla 2000 when I get back :)

Galax and Froggy Update

PilotFan has updated his (her? their?) PalmOS renditions of the classic coin-op video games Galaxian (Galax) and Frogger (Froggy), both to version 2.1. If you have a PalmOS device and you don't have these games already, get them now.

User Friendly Flash

Maximum Linux got their hands on the User Friendly Flash animation that was shown at the Linux World Expo. It takes a bit to load and the animation isn't the greatest, but it is a relatively entertaining diversion on an otherwise slow Saturday. Thanks Stomped.

RealPlayer 8.0

A non-beta version of everyone's favorite streaming media app, RealPlayer 8.0 has been released. This version is available for Win32 and Mac. A word of caution: Real attempts to give you RealDownload and Comet Cursor which have bad reputations for being spyware. Caveat emptor.

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