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Wednesday, August 23, 2000

A Trip to Best Buy

As a dedicated reporter, I went out to verify the low prices on Daikatana reported by A.T. yesterday. I stopped at Best Buy and found it for $29.95. Then I took a look at the bargain software section (you know, where you just get the CD in a jewel case) and found some good new stuff: Heretic II, Shogo, Grim Fandango and many more for $9.95 each. Wow! I've wanted to play Grim Fandango for a while--the demo was great. I also saw that System Shock II has been released as an "Electronic Arts Classic" (i.e. no manual) for $14.95. Yikes! There goes my paycheck!

The operating systems section was promising too--it's good to see non-Micros~1 systems get a fair amount of shelf space. Highlights were the boxed set of Slackware 7.1 and FreeBSD. I also found Corel's Linux distribution in the bargain section for $9.95. Good stuff! Oh yeah, no affiliation, blah blah.

Speaking of BSDs, The Standard published a nice fluff piece on OpenBSD, widely known as the most secure of the BSDs and considered one of the most secure operating systems available at all. I use OpenBSD for my router/firewall at home and it's a very clean, stable system. A.T. will vouch for me that I'm a longtime Linux fan, but the BSDs are very good operating systems and well worth attention. Thanks for the tip, daemonnews.

FAKK2 1.02 Patch Out

Ritual has released the 1.02 patch for their new Q3A-powered third-person shooter, Heavy Metal: FAKK2. You can snag it from their updates page. Thanks, um, everybody for the news.

Red Hat Interview

Chick's Hardware has posted an interview with Red Hat chairman and co-founder Bob Young. This interview isn't exactly deep (to put it mildly) or that informative. However, it is nice to see that Linux is getting attention from traditionally non-Linux websites. Thanks Evil Avatar.

Tuesday, August 22, 2000

Daikatana Sales Figures

According to this post on Evil Avatar, PC Data is reporting that Daikatana has sold only 20,233 copies as of the end of July. By contrast, Shogo (a game which Monolith will never remake because it didn't sell well enough) sold about 100,000 copies worldwide. Eidos is taking a bath on this one.

Update! Our intrepid news reporter J noticed his local Staples is selling Daikatana on *clearance* for $14.90 (from $39.99), AND, it's still on the 'new release' rack! Wheeeeee :-)

BattleTech: 3025 interview

There's an excellent interview with Doug Vernon, product specialist at Kesmai working on Battletech: 3025, over on MGON.
The BattleTech design team has more than 20 years of combined experience in the BattleTech universe and we are quite the purists where source is concerned. We follow the FASA universe as closely as possible making deviations only where necessary to keep the game balanced. We think that the game has appeal for more than just BattleTech fans. The game is a different genre from the traditional action 'Mech games. MultiPlayer BattleTech: 3025 is an action, tactical, strategic, role playing game with enough of each of those components to make it appealing to a VERY broad audience.
Hope to see more on this one soon. Looks to be interesting.

Monolith 'mech game NOT Shogo 2

To the disappointmnent of Shogo fans (A.T. and Wraith, plus others who haven't given up hope), Jason Hall announced in his .plan, that there will be more information on their unannounced 'mech game soon, and that it is NOT Shogo 2.

A.T. Hun comments: It's not a big surprise that the new game is not Shogo 2. I've a feeling Hall and co. would just as soon forget that Shogo ever existed.


Okay, I had some DNS changes made for The Haus yesterday, and I think they may have borked up a few things. Hopefully things will stabilize over the next couple hours.

A.T. Hun comments: The DNS stuff seems to be working fine now. At least I can get to via my parents' ISP now.

Slow news week-which I should probably be thankful for since I need to keep on top of news AND history over the next week. Thankfully it's been a huge week in history, so that has been interesting :-)

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