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Thursday, September 7, 2000

New NOLF Demo

If you were put off by the huge size of the previous No One Lives Forever demo, Monolith has released a trimmed down version weighing in at 45.7M. It doesn't have the music and contains only one level. You can download it from FilePlanet. Thanks Blue.

Obi-Wan interview

Hopefully AT didn't post this one on me already :-) Stomped has a new interview with Kevin Bruner, lead programmer on Obi-Wan, the much-anticipated Star Wars game coming from LucasArts. They talk about the new graphics engine, AI, and scripted events in the new game. Check it out.

Pool of Radiance interview

Adrenaline Vault has an interview with Jon Kromrey, producer on the new Pool of Radiance game. Good stuff.

I'm truly pumped to see this game in production-I had the original Pool of Radiance on my Apple //, and that game ROCKED. Played it over and over and over, until I killed the floppies. That was a great game :-)

Wednesday, September 6, 2000

KDE Griping

Well, J.t.Qbe is a prophet. Richard Stallman (the guy who came up with the Gnu Public License or GPL and a big GNOME supporter) took the opportunity to bash KDE and Qt, even though TrollTech is releasing a GPL-compliant version of the Qt windowing library. Here's a snip:
Also, where code was copied from other GPL-covered programs, their copyright holders need to be asked for forgiveness. To lead the way, the FSF hereby grants this forgiveness for all code that is copyright FSF. More precisely, those who as of September 4, 2000 have used some FSF code in violation of the GPL solely by linking it with Qt, and thus have forfeited the right to use that code under the GPL, will once again have full GPL permissions to use that code upon switching to a GPL-covered version of Qt. I appeal to all the other copyright holders of affected code to grant similar forgiveness and thus help resolve the situation quickly.
So apparently going GPL isn't enough, they still need to beg his forgiveness. Give me a break. The KDE team has issued a formal response, basically dismissing all Stallman's charges. Certain members of the KDE team have released a more pointed statement, lest anyone be confused as to how they feel. Thanks Ars Technica.

Here's my take. Stallman likes GNOME, he doesn't like KDE. The end. He tries to wrap it all up in open source pseudo-philosophy, but that's the long and the short of it. Even if I weren't using KDE as my Linux desktop, I'd probably move over to it right now just because of all of this stupidity.

J.t.Qbe comments: Very perceptive, A.T. RMS has done some great things (far beyond the GPL) and has probably done more than anyone to keep the world from being dragged into a Microsoftian Dark Ages. However, he's off his rocker on this one. More specifically, his idealism has lost sight of reality. RMS wants all software to be free, period. His GPL is designed to enforce that: any GPL-licensed software MUST be released with source code and permission to modify, and all products derived from that source must also follow the GPL.

In a perfect world, all software would be free to anyone who wanted it. However, in a perfect world there'd also be no need to work and money would grow on trees. The GPL is supposed to promote software freedom. Is it freedom to be forced to give out your own work, whether you want to do it or not? Is it freedom and happiness to work hard to produce good software, as the KDE group has done, then push to make it totally GPL free, then get slapped in the face for it? Is it freedom to be criticized by legions of GPL zealots because your free software isn't free enough?

Go, KDE, and humbug to you GPL zealots. Qrap like this is enough to make you want to say humbug to Linux altogether. I really think that BSD is truly more free than Linux/GPL, and if my work machine would run it, I'd use FreeBSD instead of Linux. Linux really used to be a fun, open, welcoming world, but zealotry (Linux-only/GPL-only/GNOME-only) is going to destroy Linux as Microso~1 could only dream of doing.</prophetic ranting >

Loki and TrollTech Team Up

Loki Software (known for porting Win32 games to Linux) and TrollTech (authors of the Qt cross-platform windowing library) have formed a strategic alliance. Here's a snip from the press release:
As Linux continues to gain momentum with both businesses and consumers, a growing numbers of PC software companies are recognizing the need for Linux-based versions of their products. Using the Qt toolkit, Loki's newly formed Applications Group will provide third-party applications porting services and custom applications development.
I wonder what the chances are of Loki getting permission to port Quicken to Linux . . . Thanks Linux Today.

Free Linux CDs

Here's your chance to try Linux absolutely for free: Pogo will send you free CDs (up to 4) of Red Hat 6.2, Red Hat 7.0 beta, Mandrake 7.1 and/or Debian. Unlike other "free CD" offers which charge you $5 or more for shipping, Pogo ships them to you for free too. As if that weren't enough, you also get 30 days of support via email. Go there now! You no longer have any reason not to try Linux!

Coming Soon!

We've got some original content brewing for your viewing pleasure. J is working on a Team Fortress Classic guide and I am working on a series of Visor/PalmOS articles. It should increase your I.Q. by 20 points, minimum. Stay tuned to The Haus!

The Master comments: And if I could get over my awe for a couple minutes, I'd like to get my review of Deus Ex up so I can rave about it properly :-)

J.t.Qbe comments: Oo oo! Me too! I'm working on a review of Exile III for Linux. I'll be nowhere near finishing the game by the time you see it, but you'll be able to get a feel for the game anyway.

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