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Friday, September 15, 2000

Counterstrike 7.1 released has released version 7.1 of the Counterstrike mod for Half-Life. What's new, you ask?You can download the 7.1 binaries for both client and server on the downloads page at There are win32 and linux binaries available.

AvantGo Update

AvantGo, the popular PDA utility for viewing web content, updated its software today. To get the upgrade, all you have to do is hotsync. It allows you to set your preferences and add or remove channels right from your PDA. This upgrade is for PalmOS. I'm not sure if the WinCE version got similar treatment. Thanks Visor Central.

The Master and I are still working on some technical details before we unveil The Haus' AvantGo channel to the world. Stay tuned!

FAKK2 SDK Released

Ritual's Mark Dochtermann updated his .plan with word that the SDK for Heavy Metal: FAKK2 has been released. Here's the goods:
Heavy Metal FAKK 2 Tools

We have released the tools and source code for FAKK 2. Grab them from:

The program and level design team is looking forward to your creations!

id Master Server Downtime

id's Christian "Disruptor" Antkow updated his .plan with word of some downtime for the id master server. He even took the opportunity to get in a bad pun. Here's the word:
I'm going to be doing some maintenance work on our internet servers and routers this Sunday, September 17th between the hours of 2pm and 4:30pm CST. Our router should be down for no more than 30 minutes starting around 4:00pm CST. If you have difficulty accessing the Quake III master server, this is why.

DNS will be disrupted during this maintenance period.

Titanium 1.01B Review

Our very own Wraith has written up a review of v1.01B of the Titanium mod for Quake III Arena. Ever since he downloaded it, he can't stop playing it. Check it out! As an added incentive, Wraith is now using the single best scoring system in the history of the known universe.

While you are at it, you can check out the rest of our reviews too.

New Ask Sweeney

VoodooExtreme posted a new edition of their Ask (Epic's Tim) Sweeney column. This time Tim tackles (Ooh! The alliteration!) intentional programming, biological processors, and other things that will make your brain hurt.

Titanium 1.02B for Q3A

Reactive Software has released version 1.02B of their Titanium mod for Quake III Arena. Wraith tuned me into this mod earlier this week. What exactly is it? Think MechWarrior meets Shogo meets Quake III Arena. A little birdie told me that we might just have a review of this mod in the works too . . . Thanks Blue.

Thursday, September 14, 2000

Happy (WAY Belated) Anniversary!

I've always been bad at remembering important dates, so it stands to reason that I would forget about one for The Haus too. August 2 was the first anniversary of The Haus. What started out as a news page for Q3Test information has blossomed into, erm, whatever this site is today. Thanks to all our loyal readers (both of you). To quote Red Green, "Whatever this is, we've got a lot more of it!"

Regarding future anniversaries, this December 28 will be the second anniversary of my Haus of Shogo. I plan on adding to my Shogo walkthrough to help out the new players who will be using the soon-to-be-released Linux, Amiga, or Mac versions. We ride again!

W3CDNS released

I've released my first piece of software to the public today! Here is W3CDNS, a Microsoft IIS W3C log DNS resolver for Windows.

One of my biggest headaches is dealing with Microsoft W3C logs, since by default Microsoft doesn't resolve the requester IP addresses when writing their logfiles. So I wrote a little utility to parse the logs and resolve the c-ip IP addresses into DNS names. It's mega-alpha code, but it came in dang handy for me, so I figured somebody might get some use out of it. You're welcome :-)

Aureal to Creative?

The rumors continue to swirl that Creative Labs will be buying up the remnants of Aureal according to the Vortex of Sound. Here's a snip:
The latest whisperings we've heard may be upsetting for some people, but it looks like Creative will be buying the ashes of Aureal after all. While the amount of the alleged purchase is unknown, we had heard weeks ago that Creative was offering in excess of $35 million in order to take Guillemot out of the running. The deal may not materialize, however, as some creditors apparently are not happy with the company being sold to Creative, and are planning to file a petition with the court to block the sale.
The creditors might not get a chance to be that picky. It sounds like Creative's bid was head and shoulders over Guillemot's, the next closest competitor. More money has a tendency to quiet people's complaints. Thanks Shugashack.

New GLSetup

There is a new version of GLSetup available from their website. GLSetup is a handy utility to ensure that your OpenGL drivers are up-to-date as possible. This version adds support for the Voodoo 5 as well as ATi's Rage 128 and Radeon chips. Thanks Blue.

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