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Monday, September 25, 2000

ToddH .plan update

Todd Hollenshead of id made a mondo .plan update with some responses on the beta 1.25 Q3A patch release. I'm going to summarize since this thing is hege.

Havok Physics

TF2 Bunker posted an interview with Dr. Steven Collins. His company, Havok, has made a physics engine which sounds like it will have some impressive capabilities for games. Valve is reportedly using it on Team Fortress 2. That's one thing that I've always thought could be done better in games. Why won't that door blow out when I shoot it? Why won't that mirror break? Why can't this barely-standing garage be knocked over? Of course right now all this is theoretical. We'll see if any of the games that use the Havok engine live up to the hype. Thanks Shugashack.

The Master comments: Hey, A.T. Remind me when a game using this engine comes out that I need to go pick up that 8-way P3-1ghz overclocked to 1.5ghz with 2 gigs of DDRAM so I can play that game with the "cape floating in the water behind me".

Elite Force CD Keys

Raven's John Scott updated his .plan to remind people with exceedingly small brains that they shouldn't give out their Star Trek: Elite Force CD keys to anyone.
Just a reminder, do NOT send your CD Key to anyone. No one at Raven or Activision will EVER ask for it. Any request for your CD Key is a ploy to steal it from you.

Treat the key as you would your car keys.
UPDATE! Raven's Rick Johnson updated his .plan with the text of an email going asking for CD keys under the guise of being from an Activision representative. I suppose someone who is really ignorant of how the authentication process would work could be fooled by it.

Video card thread on SlashDot

Slashdot has an awesome thread on "The Good Old Days of 3dfx", which has two posts from John Carmack, one on Rendition and the other on consumer-level video cards in general. Yummy stuff in here-tho it does tend to run on forever, in the tradition of /.

Sunday, September 24, 2000

NFL Week #4 So Far

I'm kicking myself because I had initally picked Green Bay and Kansas City, but decided to switch them when I posted my picks. Doh! At any rate, I'm 7-5 and Eeyore is 5-7 with two games left.

XBox interview

There's a huge interview with Seamus Blackley, product manager for Microsoft's Advanced Technology Group, and one of the driving forces behind the XBox. This thing ranges all over the place, there's a lot of good XBox info in there. Go read :-)

Guiding Planes with GPS

A subsidiary of the United Parcel Service (UPS) is developing a new way to track planes using GPS systems rather than radar. This sounds like a profoundly cool use of the technology. I just don't know what will happen during those times of day when GPS doesn't work so well. Thanks Slashdot.

Super Secret CTF

I'm not sure what this means, but my guess would be that it is very, very good. Thanks Blue.

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