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Monday, October 2, 2000

NFL Week #5 Final

Eeyore and I tied at a sad 7-7 this week. That makes me 43-29 and her 29-28. The only really dominant team right now is the St. Louis Rams. Everyone else is inconsistent or worse.

The Mind of a Cheater

In case you ever wondered what it is like to be an @#^hole, all you have to do is read the interview with nopcode on Barry's World. He created an aimbot (code that aims for you) for Quake III Arena. He basically feels justified because he likes Q2 and Q3A is taking all the players away. The long and the short of it is that he is a whiny jerk who gets his jollies by getting other people mad. For that, I almost pity him. Thanks Stomped.

The Master comments: I note the almost. As in-I almost let him live. Almost >:-)

GameFan Interview posted an interview with Daniel Wool, PR director for GameFan. As you may remember, on Friday (story) GameFan gave all its hosted sites until today to find a new host. It sounds like found out it didn't like GameFan as much as they thought when they purchased them, so they're killing the majority of it off. Thanks Evil Avatar.

Check that massive speed!

OMG-I gotta love this roadrunner modem. *smooch* SPEED! BLINDING SPEED! Bawaha haha ha ha ha

Seriously-I've gotten all our networking done, and things are looking good. Now, to get all the associated apps done and running . . .

Stupid Palm Pilot Tricks

These wacky folks at Carnegie Mellon University turned their Palm Pilot into a robot, complete with sensors so it can navigate around its environment. Too cool for words. Complete instructions and source code are included. Thanks Slashdot.

Tom Reviews NVIDIA 0.9-5

Tom's Hardware has posted a review of NVIDIA's .09-5 Linux drivers, comparing them to their Windows Detonator 2 and 3 counterparts. I especially liked (and agree with) his comments on the fact that these drivers are not open source. Thanks Linux Games.

Pondering the Imponderable

Wh00p! The NHL season begins this Wednesday. ESPN and ESPN2 are broadcasting 10 games in the next week. Here's to hoping my beloved Red Wings can capture another Stanley Cup! Drop the $%^&*#!@ puck, ref!

The Master just informed me via ICQ that the Road Runner folks have installed his cable modem, now it's a matter of networking their computers. Hopefully sometime soon I will be leaving the ranks of the bandwidth-challenged as well.

More on Elite Force Tools

Raven's James Monroe (one of my favorite presidents) updated his .plan with a complete run-down of everything included in the recently-announced (story) Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force tools.

Sunday, October 1, 2000


Welp, we're having a tech in from Time-Warner tomorrow, hopefully to get RoadRunner installed. I'll be putting both PCs online if it works out, so I'll probably be offline most of the afternoon. Here's to hoping for massive bandwidth :-)

Pondering the Imponderable

What a lovely weekend. The "biggest" news items are two companies acting like jerks and the results of the FRAG 4 competition. Whee! Someone wake me when it's Monday.

GameFan Network Belly Up

A website called Game Surge was sent this love letter from their network, GameFan, on Friday:
Dear GameFan Network Associate:

We regret to inform you that will no longer be offering the courtesy of hosting services to its GameFan Network Associates. We have found that this service can no longer be supported under our business model, and we will do whatever we can within reason to facilitate any transitional requirements.

The timing for this is as soon as possible, and is to occur no later than Monday, October 2, 2000. To be clear, any GameFan Network Associate site that has not been moved off Genuity s servers by 11:59 PM October 2nd will effectively be shut down, so it is critical that you take independent action to retrieve and independently procure hosting provider for your site(s).
If you read Something Awful, you know that Lowtax hasn't been paid by Gamefan for months and is taking legal action. To top it all off, the jerks gave their hosted sites a total of three days to get off the server or lose everything. I'd like to see the contracts those guys signed for hosting . . . This probably also explains why I haven't been able to get to Voodoo Extreme for the past couple of days. Thanks to Evil Avatar for the heads-up.

Rambus lawyers strike again!

Continuing to prove that Rambus can only make money by using it's patent portfolio, AMD, Transmeta Next for Rambus Royalties, indicating Rambus's next targets for money-making. <Rant>Does anyone else think Rambus has fallen a little low in their quest to make money? Granted, their premier technology blows, and Intel appears to be stepping away, but jeez. If you can't make money by competing, sell your butts out and get the heck out of the industry . . .</Rant>

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